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Saturday, May 05, 2018 1:00 am


Fond remembrance

Regarding the passing of Tom Knox, I would like to pay a little more tribute.

When I was younger, there was only one thing better than seeing Tommy Knox walking, in his distinctive gliding gait, toward your baseball diamond. It was seeing that he was wearing his chest protector, knowing that he would be behind the plate.

And now, one of the best umpires to have ever worked the ballparks of Fort Wayne is safe at home.

Mark A. Racine

Fort Wayne

'Reality' of Trump is what his foes despise

I have to agree with one part of Evelyn Easton's April 8 letter , “Endless reality show proves to be jaw-dropping.”

She proves what a lot of us have been saying for a long time now – real journalism is dead and the mainstream news media no longer report news of substance but have turned into a “reality show” which Easton obviously takes great delight in.

She is referring to CNN and MSNBC. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite and Paul Harvey, who kept our country informed about important issues.

Now we have people like Morning Joe and Mika and Chris Mathews as they breathlessly report on a porn star who supposedly went to bed with Donald Trump more than a decade ago and fake Russian/Trump collusion started by a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, entertaining gullible people like Ms. Easton.

Never once do they mention the 3 million new jobs created by our president, the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years, lowest unemployment rate of blacks and Hispanics in our country's history. No mention of ISIS being decimated in Syria and Iraq. Thousands of criminals arrested and deported, including the murderous MS-13 gangs, trying to secure our borders to stop the drugs and human trafficking, rebuilding our decimated military, largest tax cut for the middle class ever and on and on.

Trump, being the “bully” that he is, has had Little Rocket Man go from threatening to nuke us every day to leaving his own country for the first time ever and wanting to meet with Trump.

Trump donates his $400,000 presidential pay to things such as the National Parks Service, infrastructure, etc.

He came into office so wealthy, no one can buy or control him and that's why the left and the old Republican establishment hates and fears him.

He is exposing all the corruption in our government – doing exactly what we elected him to do.

So, as you keep watching your “reality shows,” we will keep watching Trump make America great again.

Your “reality shows” will get even more intense when we re-elect him in 2020. So stay tuned – same channels, just different years.



Detest Nugent? Just don't go

I would like to address all of the folks who have taken the time to write about the upcoming Ted Nugent concert.

First, absolutely no one is twisting your arm and forcing you to attend. If you don't care for Nugent, his opinions or his music, that's your prerogative. Don't go.

Second, don't suggest that violating someone's First Amendment rights is an acceptable response to your disagreement with the Second Amendment or those who passionately support that right. Here's a tip, folks: Demanding that the concert be canceled because you are offended by something Nugent has said or supports – that's violating the First Amendment. And none of your qualifying statements (“he has a right to say what he wants”) before virulently demanding that the concert be canceled covers your own prejudice.

Using your own standards, then the Willie Nelson concert should also be canceled (promotion of narcotics use). So should the Gene Simmons show (promotion of promiscuity). Where does this end?

I am someone who supports everyone's rights as documented in the Constitution. All of them, no matter how offensive or how much I disagree. Perhaps more people should feel this way.

If we as a culture could just stop being offended about every little minuscule thing that creeps up, that would be great.

Joseph Lyon

New Haven