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Monday, April 16, 2018 1:00 am


Store's influence extends far beyond its comics

You hear a lot about small business and how it is the backbone of our economy. There is one in Fort Wayne that is a shining example of a family-owned business. I have been visiting this beacon of comic nerdom from the age of 8 to the current ripe old age of 46.

It's located right behind Georgetown, across from Haley Elementary. I used to make the walk frequently from Haley to what was then Book Traders. Back then it was more books than comics, but I was there for the comics.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one there for the comics. Eventually, it became more comics than books and changed to Books, Comics and Things. This store was owned and operated by the Scotts, and is to this day.

As I grew up, the Scott family and BCT employees became friends. As a teenager, I mowed the elder Scott's yard, putting “expensive” comics on layaway ... and giving them their money back. I don't mow their yard anymore, but they still allow me some long layaways.

As an adult, I told Irma Scott I had a son on the way. She told me, 16 years ago, “Make sure you read to him every day.”

I read to him every day, comics, and now he's 16 and works there. The children of the Scotts now own and operate Books Comics and Things.

Over spring break two of the “employees,” my friends, brought my son home after work for me. This inspired my letter. Over the past 38 years of my life, two generations of this family-owned store have influenced two generations of my family. They have given me a hobby I have carried from my childhood, plus given me and my sons a connection and shared passion that has taken us on annual toy-hunting trips. This store provided me, the 46-year-old kid, with one of his first lawn mowing jobs and now my oldest son with his first job. It's a place where people literally feel comfortable to come and just talk comics and life stuff.

All this being said, and with how many years this store has been around, how many more people has this not-so-small business had a positive effect on?


Fort Wayne

'An unseen angel'

I sincerely want to thank the person or persons who found the three blank, recently purchased money orders I had so very stupidly left lying in a shopping cart at the Walmart on Lima Road.

That was on the early afternoon of April 3. I truly believe that thanks to God you are an unseen and unheard angel.

Donald H. Mettert Jr.

Fort Wayne

Progressives reveal true agenda on guns

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who rolled his eyes at Michael Moffitt's plea to repeal the Second Amendment (Letters, April 5).

Moffitt has every right to suggest such an effort. He has every right to do everything within his power to convince two thirds of both houses of Congress to repeal the Second Amendment. He then has every right to travel from state to state and convince three fourths of the state legislatures to ratify repeal of the Second Amendment.

After he has accomplished that, the federal government will order all gun owners to turn in their guns, and 95 percent will tell the government to pound sand. I nominate Moffitt to lead the group that goes from door to door and collects everyone's guns. As he said in his letter, “If you're a constitutional originalist, I can't see how you fault that reasoning.”

I think Moffitt speaks for a large percentage of progressives, and I'm glad they have finally taken off the mask.

Stan Needham

Columbia City


Election letters

Letters relating to the May 8 primary election must be received no later than noon on Friday, April 27, to be considered for publication.