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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 1:00 am


How to act on pledge

Through the years, I have read the papers, watched the news reports and grieved like so many other Americans after these terrible gun attacks on innocent citizens. The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida are so right: “Enough is enough.”

My heart aches that those students, after their terrible losses from the shooting on Valentine's Day, are having to devote their time and energy on gun control in this country with protest gatherings. But good for them; I applaud them.

I really hope and pray that all the politicians and every American listens very closely to what they are trying to convey. Those students are the future of this country. Their friends and family (who are old enough to vote) will be casting votes either for or against you. And, believe me, with their anger and passion to get gun laws changed, you will lose votes if you don't take what they are saying to the White House and get gun violence under control.

Remember the rights of those who aren't bearing arms when the shots are fired.

President Donald Trump could “make America great again” by getting assault rifles off the streets where they don't belong.



Defenders of middle class need to look long term

Reading the Feb. 28 letter by Ken McIntosh (“Social Security outlay ever more unsustainable”) got me thinking.

McIntosh is obviously of a certain political persuasion. His article was about spending and debt. What a perfect time for him the Trump presidency must be. The new “tax reform” just added $1.5 trillion to the deficits he spoke of. We know Social Security has a cap on its tax at $120,000 or thereabouts. Fixing that could make Social Security solvent. How about an additional tax on incomes of more than $400,000? There are more than 750,000 people earning more than $400,000 in the U.S. So McIntosh is wrong about not being able to get it from the wealthy.

The income gap is the largest from the top to the middle in the 30 years the Fed has been keeping track. Since 2009, the gap has been expanding faster and even more so for some racial and ethnic groups. Wages for middle-income earners have remained stagnant for the past 30 years, only starting to tick a little higher in the last few years. 

The bailouts of the 2008-09 recession totaled around $7.2 trillion. My guess is that if you track the gains in the upper incomes since that time you will find a reasonable correlation between the numbers.

It's time to decide in this country. Do you want a two-tiered class of the wealthy aristocracy and the poor working or do you want a country that works for everyone? It can't be about social issues anymore. We have to right this ship now or lose it for good. This once-great country will never be great again until faith in its institutions is restored.

Every vote counts. Only when everyone votes does American politics start looking like America. You want to fix what is wrong? If you stand for the less fortunate in our society, do what you can to get them to vote. I know getting them their next meal has the greatest immediate impact, but you need to start playing the long game. Wake up, America, the rug is being pulled out from under you.

Dennis Powell

Fort Wayne

Inform gun store owners

There is a lot of news about gun control. Don't get carried away with hurting qualified and responsible people by limiting their rights.

I believe some of the fault lies within our police departments. Gun store owners aren't aware of who should buy a gun and who shouldn't. I think it would be a good idea if police departments furnished them with a list of people who are a risk to society and themselves from purchasing a firearm.

Get back on track and control the people that are a risk to society and themselves.