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The Journal Gazette

Friday, March 09, 2018 1:00 am


Area Graham revival

In a Furthermore (Feb. 24), The Journal Gazette stated that Billy Graham's “ministry didn't include any appearances in northeast Indiana. ...”

Graham did hold a mass meeting in the Billy Sunday tabernacle on a Sunday afternoon, probably during 1949 when he was in Winona Lake. Two friends and I drove from Berne to see and hear him speak to a standing-room-only crowd. We were in high school at the time.

Kenyon Sprunger


Youth lead the way

Seize the moment. The youth in Florida have lit the fire for change. Change is coming in our country.

Many don't like change. They believe it is better to keep the status quo, even if it means the loss of many lives. But our youth all over the country say “enough is enough.” They are showing us what courage is.

The Women's March lit a fire for women to become active. Look at how many women are running for political office. The “Me Too” movement has raised the standards for much more respect of women.

Our youth are lighting the hope that we may finally be able to get a handle on guns in our country. Already, two major airlines – Delta and United – and numerous other U.S. companies have cut ties with the National Rifle Association. The youth and a number of others have pointed out that we are the only developed country with such outrageous mass killings in our schools. What is the difference? Assault rifles. Let's seize the moment and get behind our youth and join them for the good of all citizens.

Dorotha Fry Mason

North Manchester

Arm teachers to teeth

Having taught in public and parochial school systems for three decades, I'm having a hard time following the debate on arming teachers.

As the old saying goes, “Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.” So, assuming the National Rifle Association and our elected officials will never do anything to impede the flow of large-magazine, high-powered, military-style weapons in our society, we'd better be ready to arm educators with equal firepower or better.

I'd hate to have to face down an armed assailant spraying bullets with a machine gun-like weapon from across the hall at me and my kids with a handgun. It doesn't sound like a fair fight to me – no, sir. Now maybe if I had a few stun grenades, or my very own AR-15 with a bump stock, I'm sure I could resolve the problem of an active shooter without much collateral damage.

Not only will this strike fear in the heart of anyone crazy enough to gun down a grade school, but it will also sell another couple of hundred thousand assault rifles. Sounds like a win/win to me. The NRA should love this idea.

I would think that six months of training to become proficient at using weapons of war following four or five years of college to learn how to teach should get the job done. And if teachers aren't willing to learn to kill, then maybe they just weren't cut out for the job.

A. Jay Kalver


The Fort Wayne Curling Club would like to send CHEERS to all those who made the Olympics such a special event for our club, especially the volunteers who taught the learn-to-curl classes. Most of all, we would like to give CHEERS to all those who came to learn the game we love.


for the board of the Fort Wayne Curling Club