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Wednesday, March 07, 2018 1:00 am


Good enough for them

When our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment, there were no semiautomatic or automatic weapons. It was written with the understanding of one shot per weapon because that's all they had.

I'm not against the Second Amendment. From the time I started hunting at age 13 to my current age of 68, I always used a weapon that shot one shot at a time. Our forefathers only had one shot per weapon; they did not starve and won the Revolution. As a Vietnam vet, I have seen what semiautomatic weapons can do and don't want to see it again.

Donald L. Clark Jr.

Fort Wayne


A vote regretted

I voted for Donald Trump, but I did not vote for Trump; I simply voted for the lesser of two evils (in my mind). And when the results came in that night, I thought, “My gosh, what have I done?”

And, recently, when I watched his performance on TV where he had a multitude of politicians around that long conference room table with the multitude of reporters hanging close, and he wanted to look powerful and knowing, and he opened his mouth and things went downhill, I once again said to myself, “My gosh, what have I done”? He was talking about guns, and he said he wanted to take guns away from law-abiding citizens without due process. I could only imagine how the lawyers and judges in this country sat up and smiled and rubbed their hands together and thought about how much work they will have and how the money will come in: “Honey, you can go ahead and order that BMW you have been wanting!”

This is a president who wears ignorance on his sleeve as if it were a badge of honor. This is a president who would become a dictator if we did not have due process. And that is a little scary.

William Cook



CHEERS to the kind man who paid for my purchase on Feb. 24 at Dollar General on Tillman Road.

P.M. Heiselmann

Fort Wayne


Blood on their hands

How much more innocent blood are lawmakers going to allow to be spilled before they take action and pass sensible gun legislation? There's blood on our hands as long as we continue to do nothing.

Thoughts and prayers aren't actions. We can no longer believe you're pro life when you are so proudly pro gun. The blood of innocent children is on our hands. Too many mothers and fathers won't be tucking their children in tonight – or ever again. Too many lives have been cut short by senseless violence and powerful weapons that have only one purpose: to kill as many people as possible.

Are lawmakers going to keep stalling and failing to pass sensible gun restrictions until the outrage rises to the point that the only answer is no guns, period? Are they going to let all of us who are sensible, responsible gun owners become criminals in possession of guns? I don't see any other alternative if they continue to sit on their hands and do nothing.

How deep will the blood be, how much more will be spilled in our schools and on our streets before Congress wakes up and does its job to keep people safe? #gunreformnow

Roxanna Lucas Murray



Reflecting the culture

American entertainment is saturated with the portrayal of guns and violence used with evil intent. Thus mass shootings are stimulated.

Scott Long

Fort Wayne