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Monday, March 05, 2018 1:00 am


Slow adjustment

My complaint isn't new to many of residents of Fort Wayne, but again I had to make the call to City Hall to report that the new trash service truck drove right past my house.

I am handicapped with special instructions that my trash cans are at the top of my driveway by the garage door for pickup. These instructions were followed once in the two months that the new trash service has been in place. Each time the trash pickup is missed, the trash cans need to be moved so I can back my car out of the garage. This needs to be done for as long as it takes for them to come back to pick up the trash (up to two days).

How long is it going to take for the drivers to learn their job?

Donna Spina

Fort Wayne

Timing not right for Indiana abortion bill

A bill to ban all abortions was proposed but not acted upon in the 2018 session of the Indiana General Assembly. Some have criticized legislators for not taking action, but in my view, and the view of many in the pro-life community, this was a prudent and correct decision. While well intended, this bill was flawed and shortsighted.

An injunction nullifying the ban would be issued by a District Court as soon as it was filed and the bill was found to be found unconstitutional. The current U.S. Supreme Court would not overrule Roe vs. Wade. As much as outlawing all abortions is desired, it will not be upheld until there are additional changes on the Supreme Court.

Also, the bill would have eliminated all abortion regulations; hence, there would be no restrictions on those performing abortions in Indiana. Indiana's law, one of the tougher in the U.S., has helped reduce the number of abortions. By eliminating Indiana's law, this bill would have done harm and perhaps increased the number of abortions rather than stopping them.

Legislators must be thoughtful and carefully examine the effect and ramifications of bills. Passing a bill in hope that the court will have justices who support it is not prudent and may result in a ruling that goes beyond Roe. Hopefully, there will come a time when such a bill has a chance of being upheld and abortion will be seen as killing an innocent child. Until then, we must continue to work to change minds and hearts and pray for wise and faithful judges to be appointed.

Glenn Tebbe

Executive director,

 Indiana Catholic Conference

A vote for freedom

The 2018 May primaries and November general election should be a clear choice between those who want limited constitutional government (conservative Republicans) and those who want to expand the government (liberal Republicans and Democrats) to create a utopian society patterned after worldwide socialist countries.

The primary for U.S. senator has several candidates. One who caught my attention is Mike Braun of Jasper.

As a businessman coming from outside Washington, Braun believes he can defeat the Democratic incumbent in November. Braun is dead set on derailing the unrealistic progressive goals of the Democratic Party and restoring America's place in the world.

If you feel something is wrong at the top in America, I urge you to get out and vote for Braun in May and November. Freedom can be preserved by your vote. True freedom can be lost; it is not guaranteed. Let's restore America as the world symbol of real freedom.

Richard Erdman

Columbia City