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Saturday, March 03, 2018 1:00 am


Fishy GE accounting

I am a GE retiree, and have a disagreement with the article “Pensions crimp GE plans” (Feb. 11).

While I was still working at the Taylor Street plant (I retired May 1, 2001), the stock program was only paying out to GE retirees from the interest of our pension account. At that time, I remember that interest being in the billions itself. How can you have a pension plan (funded by the employees as well as GE) that is not connected to anything else of the company's go from paying out pensions from a plan with an interest of billions and not touching the principal? Then go from such a great success to a $31 billion deficit? I paid into that plan for 37 years; you can't tell me 17 years later it's going broke.

Also, when I tried to get the exact numbers for the GE pension account on the website, the GE webpage would not let me go to the pension annual report link.

Bob Klepper

New Haven

Dig for the truth

Of course Russia interfered with our last election. I want to know the truth about what is going on with our nation. Of course there was an outside interference with our election; I can read and I want to know. There is so much more that needs to be investigated and I am following the ongoing investigation by every outlet available. Read, America! There are numerous papers and TV news stations available. For those individuals who gather their information from only one or two outlets, I implore you to expand your search. Don't watch only the show that tells you what you want to hear. Hear it all; research and read.

After the election, a young woman told me she voted for Donald Trump after reading on Facebook that Hillary Clinton was reported to smell like sulfur (a sulfur smell meant Clinton had ties with evil and/or the devil). It is this type of information-gathering that makes me concerned and sad. 

Do all news outlets put their spin on the news? To some extent – of course. Is it up to us to review the spin, sort it out and look for the truth? Of course.



It's the culture

We are a culture of violence. It's not mental illness; it's not guns; it's the fact the we see this stuff every day on TV, in movies and video games. If this is all our youth see and don't have a background in God, compassion, the commandments, respect for others and sin, what stops them from acting out these terrible things they see?

Hollywood has contributed to this violent culture, so they should shut their mouths about gun control. They need to be controlled. It's our culture of violence – and people wonder why this stuff happens?

God bless the families who have to endure the pain they are suffering in losing their children to this horror. People are real;, there is no line anymore between insanity and humanity. And we wonder?

We don't need to fix the mentally ill. We need to fix our mentally ill culture. Kill someone on the screen at the movies, kill someone sitting at their desk in school – it's all the same to the killer.

Liberals took God out of schools; the blood is on their hands. It all started with Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Look where we are now!

Tisha Muro

Fort Wayne