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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 1:00 am


Students, act on guns

Once more, another shooting at another school. Three shootings in three days. We have waited far too long for our politicians to act on gun control with no action forthcoming.

Now it's time for those who are most affected to take action. Students across this country, starting in Indiana, I ask you to take action to make your schools safe. You and I know adults are not going to do it, or they would have taken action long ago. Go to Warsaw or Wabash and try to enter a government office without going through security. Visit your congressman in Washington, D.C., and observe the protection they provide themselves. Are you not worth as much as they are?

Select a date in the near future and let your congressmen know, through your student government, that on that date you will close your school down until our political leaders take action against gun violence in your schools. Let's remove the fear and anguish you experience every day you enter a classroom in this gun-demented society. Students, you have the power to make your classrooms safe.


North Manchester

Noted S. Side grads

Congratulations to the latest group of honorees for South Side High School Alumni Association's Wall of Fame. Each of these alums is truly outstanding:

David Link, Class of 1944, real estate;

John Samsen, 1945, Ford and Chrysler designer;

Beverly Stanton McKenna, 1959, New Orleans editor and publisher;

Dr. Thomas Felger, 1961, physician;

Tim Grodrian, 1963, CPA;

Jane Reiff Wilks, 1963, Fort Wayne civic leader;

Louisa Porter, 1965, federal judge;

Candace Shireman, 1970, curator of Blair House, the president's guest house;

Michael Joyner, 1976, Fort Wayne Police Department spokesman;

Dr. Andrew O'Shaughnessy, 1981, Fort Wayne nephrologist;

Phillip GiaQuinta, 1983, Indiana state representative;

Joseph Deitche, 1986, South Side math teacher;

Carlton Mable, 1988, South Side principal;

Jason Maurer, 1989, movie director and animator.

George Davis

founder, South Side High School

Distinguished Alumni Award

Fort Wayne

True colors showing

The Russians are getting their money's worth getting Donald Trump elected; he's following Vladimir Putin's playbook on making anybody who disagrees with him an enemy of the state.

He began by constantly attacking the news media (except for his personal propaganda agency, Fox News). Next he attacked our allies in NATO, an organization the Russians would like to see break up. Then he bowed to the hard right in Israel, declaring Jerusalem the capital – and making sure we have no trust among the Palestinians or the Arab governments that will face the consequences of this action.

Now he's going after the Justice Department and FBI because he can't get them to do his bidding for him.

And he's got some of his lap dogs in Congress releasing a cherry-picked memo of perceived wrongs against Trump, once again showing that staying in power is more important than keeping the Russians out of our elections.

Tony Rumpel

 Fort Wayne