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Monday, February 12, 2018 1:00 am


A welcome addition

I would like to thank Jerrod and Kara Tobias for the beautiful 300-foot mural they painted at the elevation along Columbia Street.

Since I live in the Lakeside area, I cross the bridge and enjoy this masterpiece frequently. It is especially pretty at night with the lights shining on it.

I also recently read about their mural in the North Anthony shopping area. They spent hours on the Columbia Street mural, and it certainly gives beauty to the area. Some of my friends and I certainly appreciate all the hours of hard work and talent they give on these projects.

So, thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Tobias, for helping to beautify these areas. We really appreciate your hard work and your wonderful talent that God gave you!

Please go enjoy the mural.


Fort Wayne


Trump's many actions are far from biblical

I would like to respond to David Carroll's letter (“God's blessings shining on nation through Trump,” Jan. 31.) There is something wrong with putting God and Donald Trump in the same sentence. If God sent us Trump, then why did:

More than 15 women accuse him of sexual assault?

He brag about grabbing women by their genitals?

His personal attorney allegedly pay a porn star $130,000 right before the election?

He marry three different women (divorcing two)?

He file bankruptcy four times, putting many small businesses out of work?

The federal government find him guilty of housing discrimination?

He remove protection for 800,000 people brought to this country as children?

He pay $25 million to individuals who attended his Trump University?

He call African-Americans sons of b-----s?

He call them s--thole countries?

He call neo-Nazis good people?

I could find more disgraceful behavior, but most people understand that this kind of recklessness would never have been allowed by my God. Nowhere in the Bible does God excuse such behavior – at least not in my Bible. What Bible is Carroll reading?

Thom Bauer

Fort Wayne


Wealth of experience

When my friend Rich Beck first told me about his plan to run for Allen County commissioner, I asked him why. He told me that he wanted to give back to the community and that he has always wanted to give back to the community.  This certainly demonstrates his dedication and willingness to serve our area, which I was already aware of. 

I have had the pleasure of serving with Rich on the Allen County Redevelopment Commission since he was appointed 13 years ago.  We work together on the Allen County Economic Development Commission as well.  Rich is well versed in many areas of county business and I am confident he would excel as one of Allen County's commissioners.

Steve Bercot

Fort Wayne


Belated CHEERS to Sheets LP Gas in Angola. I had two ancient 100-pound LP tanks I needed to dispose of. No one would even consider taking them, but Sheets said they wanted to be good stewards of the earth and accepted them without reservation. This is the kind of company that makes you want to do business with them.

Richard Justice