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Saturday, February 10, 2018 1:00 am


Wasted tax dollars

I 100 percent agree with Robert Eschbach's dissatisfaction with the city's choice to switch garbage and recycling companies (“New trash haulers' unexpected 'benefits,' ” Jan. 28).

Although I have not had destruction to my property, I have not had any luck with getting my recycling bin emptied – even after calling the helpful 311 number four times throughout the week.

My collection day is on Tuesday and was generally picked up by National Serv-All by 6 a.m. Apparently, the current company doesn't even arrive at any time at this point.

If the mayor wouldn't put so much effort into wasting money on the Riverfront project and constructing unnecessary roundabouts in areas that really aren't traveled that heavily, maybe there would have been enough of my tax dollars to continue a new contract with National Serv-All.


Fort Wayne

Opioid suits could set a risky precedent

Many states and cities have sued pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale companies regarding the opioid crisis. Is some caution needed, or should we be careful for what we wish? Court decisions often set a precedent. If pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are found to be complicit in the overdoses and deaths of those using the drugs, will a precedent be set?

Will vehicle manufacturers, employees and dealers be found liable and financially responsible for every accident and death? Will marijuana growers and sellers be liable for any negative or adverse actions of consenting people buying and using their marijuana? Will beer and liquor makers, distributors and bartenders be held liable for every hangover or tragic result from those consenting buyers and users of their products? And, yes, will gun manufacturers, employees and sellers be liable for the actions/ results of a gun buyer? There are endless scenarios if the manufacturer, employees, wholesalers, distributors or sellers can be linked to any adverse or tragic results set by the precedent.

Are any of the end-use results in the control of the manufacturers, employees, dealers or distributors? Is it not poor decisions or actions by people consenting to buying and to using the products that determines the outcome?

Undoubtedly the opioid lawsuits are complicated and entail many legal considerations. Would any attorney consider a legal opinion?

Ray Doyle

Fort Wayne

Worth celebrating

While I often disagree with my friend Steven Shine, I am in full agreement with his article of Jan. 14 on Linda Bloom (“A whole year to say 'thank you' ”).

I have known Linda for more years than I care to count. Her service to our community both as an elected official and as a concerned citizen has been outstanding. As a county commissioner, she has given her full support to preserving the Courthouse art and building. She is also a supporter of our sister city program. She has given both time and money to a large number of community projects, and I hope that others will speak up about her many contributions.

This friendly, outgoing woman deserves our thanks, and I am glad to call her a friend.


Fort Wayne