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Friday, February 09, 2018 1:00 am


New jobs low-paying

I read with interest that IntelenetGlobal Services, an internet call service headquartered in Mumbai, India, is expanding its call center in Fort Wayne (Jan. 24). Awesome, I think. Then I read that entry-level jobs pay $23,500, while managers will make about $30,000. Hmm, I think; I made $33,500 in 1982 driving a tractor-trailer. So I look up “poverty level” in the United States and, for a family of four, it is $24,600. Medicaid eligibility is $33,948.

Isn't it sad that a wage-earner with a young family, willing to work, cannot even make above poverty-level wages? Sadder yet is that even a manager would qualify for Medicaid (i.e., government assistance).

Doesn't it make you proud that Indiana, Fort Wayne in this case, is becoming an attractive place to bring low-wage, low-skill jobs that used to go to places like India and Bangladesh?

Richard Woodward

Fort Wayne

Politically incorrect Trump answer to prayer

This is in response to Arnetta Marie Barnett's letter of Jan. 21, “All I can do now is weep,” and all the others who are crying over President Donald Trump's politically incorrect speeches and occasional curse words.

For eight long years, I heard a very eloquent, very politically correct president tell the people what they wanted to hear.

Then I watched in horror and dismay as he released terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, sneaked $150 billion to Iran (the word's top terrorist country), cavorted with the Castro brothers, and refused to call ISIS Islamic terrorists and instead referred to them as “the JV team.”

He shoved a disastrous health care bill down our throats, fining us if we didn't sign up. He put job-strangling regulations on business and manufacturing, and shut down our coal mines. He made the biggest federal land grab in our history, tied the hands of our military and border patrol, encouraging open borders and allowing thousands of unvetted “refugees” to flow in, which included the murderous MS-13 gangs.

Hillary Clinton promised to continue his agenda.

I'm 74 years old and this is the first election I have ever prayed through, stayed up all night to watch and then I, too, wept. I wept tears of happiness and relief and profoundly thanked God.

This past year has been wonderful, watching our country recovering financially, militarily, and becoming great again, thanks to our very politically incorrect President Donald Trump.



'Show unity, leadership'

I watched the State of the Union address. The accomplishments of the united efforts of the House over the past year were many, and we applaud the successes in all areas. The cutting of taxes, better trade agreements, needless bureaus cut, changes affecting medical care for veterans, jobs returning to the states, etc.

However, I have this against our representatives in Washington. After all the negotiations and decisions by both parties, only half could smile and applaud our forward course. Half of the House sat stoic and petulant like the preschoolers who didn't get their way. Surely they could accept the compromise and decisions they made and now move forward without animosity.

Once the vote is complete, adults accept the outcome and unite again without childish pouting.

We want to see a united face which would encourage us to work together for the common good. Show us unity and leadership.


Fort Wayne