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Thursday, February 08, 2018 1:00 am


Job-hunt frustrations

Recently, I have been job hunting after being out of the workforce for awhile.

In the experiences I have had recently filling out applications, I was a little angry that some of these applications ask the color I am. If I am getting any government assistance. If I am male or female. What does any of that have to do with doing a job?

And why does it take seven days to three weeks for a corporate office to look at applications? I realize at some hiring events there's a large volume, but they should do the applications in a reasonable time.

Now I call each place and go to the places I can to fill an application out in person and talk to a person. I can see why some of the places don't get people to work for them and keep having to advertise.

Amy Pippin

Fort Wayne

Ruling class makes its choice on cannabis

We know a lot about cannabis. We've done study after study; yet the powers that be continue to spout all of the disproven assertions. Now the General Assembly says we need another study.

Our politicians are like the proverbial rooster who thinks the sun rises because he crows. They think what they say matters.

Let's put to rest these theories about individual liberties and a free democracy. The latest poll has north of 60 percent for the legalization cannabis. The people have already made up their minds. Do they believe what the ruling class tells them, or what they see with their own two eyes?

The decision to legalize cannabis was made 40 years ago. The United States consumes thousands of tons of pot a year. It's the No. 2 cash crop in the U.S. behind wheat. It's estimated that more than 100 million people have tried cannabis and that more than 30 million are regular users (those numbers are very conservative). Millions of Hoosiers can obtain all the cannabis they want with a phone call. They arrest about 50,000 a year. That makes the cannabis-prohibition laws a bad joke. Pot prohibition is simply a corrupt legal shakedown.

The plutocrats we send to Indianapolis are paid to solve our problems. Instead, they spend their time abridging what few constitutional rights we have left, gerrymandering and voter suppressing our election districts to ensure re-election, and feathering the nests of the rich. Most won't even answer your letters. They need to do their job as their constituents believe they should.

There are now only two choices: Legalize and regulate cannabis to restrict its use to adults, or keep the system to supply it to anyone with a buck regardless of age. Looks like the ruling class has chosen the latter.

Gaylen E. Twigg

Fort Wayne


Thanks, Social Security

How generous for the Social Security Administration to give us a 2 percent cost-of-living increase this year.

In my case (as I am sure I'm not alone), that increase went to pay more Medicare insurance and left me with a grand total of $4 more on my monthly check.

Then, to top if off, my medicine went up $1 for each of the two prescriptions I get a month.

So that whittled my $4 increase to $2 extra a month, which I guess I can use toward the increase in gas prices or maybe for AEP, NIPSCO or sewage increases. That's like a slap in the face!

Please take these issues into account next year if we happen to get a cost-of-living increase.


Fort Wayne