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Tuesday, February 06, 2018 1:00 am


Trump own worst enemy

President Donald Trump has been busy ranting, raving and tweeting in response to Michael Wolff's newly published book, “Fire and Fury.” Trump's reaction has made this book a hot item (pun intended) and informs the question: Which is bigger, his ego or his mouth? He sure doesn't subscribe to the old English rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never break me.”

Quoting President Theodore Roosevelt, “If you could kick the person in the seat responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn't sit down for a month.” Can you picture Trump taking this advice? He would be standing on one foot rubbing his behind with one hand while patting his own back with the other. Why on one foot? Because the other foot is in his mouth.

Simply put, Mr. President: Shut up, or your own words “you're fired” will be said to you and be your legacy.

Marlin Culy

New Haven 

Poverty piece shows 'truth many never see'

I want to express appreciation for “Poverty an expensive way to live” that appeared Jan. 29. It is true journalism to report effectively about situations that most professionals would barely have knowledge of, much less personal experience with.

Some say that the impoverished ought to just pull themselves up and improve their lives. While such a statement is true, the average person could not imagine the ceaseless struggles that block even the most motivated from overcoming their circumstances. It is often not a lack of effort that holds them back; it is being shoved two steps back for every step forward that traps them in hopelessness.

We operate an independently funded church in a low-income area. Many have come to us for help. We help those we can, even though we operate at a deficit. We routinely see the phenomenal efforts that many make, only to be sent back to square one or worse.

Those who are forced to try to survive on an extremely limited income are typically the ones charged the most by critical businesses such as utility companies and banks. They then become easy prey for cash advance stores, which shamelessly gouge them and feast perpetually upon their meager subsistence.

For so many, endless fees and mandatory deposits for vital services compel them to accept that giving up rather than paying up sadly appears more logical.

While personal responsibility is to be encouraged, financial punishment of the poorest reflects sorely on humanity, and the costs to all of society are steep.

Thank you to the author, Karen Weese, for exposing the truth many never see and for being a voice for those scarcely heard.

Sandra Saylor


Benefits for veterans

Are you a veteran who served honorably and has DD-214 discharge papers? Did you serve in a combat or non-combat unit? If so, you are entitled to a U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Health Care Identification Card. The U.S. government has funded your health care in payment for your armed forces service.

This card is available at your local Department of Veterans Affairs VA Northern Indiana Health Care System in Fort Wayne (Room 138B, 2121 Lake Ave., Fort Wayne, 46805). This card can be used at any Department of Veterans Affairs facility in the continental United States.

Your card will allow a primarycare doctor to be assigned to determine your health needs, as well as pharmaceutical, and other clinics are available to meet your health requirements at no cost to you.

John D. Hannigan

Fort Wayne