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Thursday, January 04, 2018 1:00 am


Crew went extra mile

We wish to extend our appreciation for all of the assistance by Phend & Brown, Inc. and especially Nate Till.

They expanded our road and removed 10 feet of our yard to extend the road to include a right turn lane. They had to shut our road down to pour concrete for the driveway and curbing, which trapped us in our house. My husband talked to Nate and explained to him that we needed to get out of our house for my doctors' appointments; I have been immobile since the beginning of September and not able to walk through our yard to get into our car that would have been parked on the street or the next block.

Nate had his workers build a dirt ramp in our yard so we could drive through the yard and onto the street for my doctors' appointments and tests. I would like to thank them for their kindness and generosity for going out of their way to assist us.

Joyce M. Kinsey


Patients must always be physicians' first concern

I am a solo Internal Medicine Doctor in Fort Wayne just shy of 30 years. It is very important for me to have specialists I can count on to help me provide the best care for my patients.

Being solo and not owned allows me to be the best advocate for my patients and their needs.

I rely on highly skilled gastrointerology physicians and know they hold the physician-patient relationship to the highest level. They have proven themselves each time they care for patients.

This is not what the article (“Lutheran loses GI doctors,” Dec. 23) would lead one to believe. They say they want to replace these doctors and get health care back to normal. This is done over months to years and not overnight. The hiccup in care with respect to time is dangerous for any community.

These doctors have all taken the Hippocratic oath, which puts patients first, and the contracts I have seen have never placed anything first except for business which is fair for the business. It is not fair for our patients; we go to bat and advocate for their needs daily. This is being done in a maze that works incessantly against those of us who have the privilege to care for this community.

As a solo physician, I do not want a business-model hospital to pick new doctors from wherever for me to send patients to. I have to know as I do now that my patients are cared for by the best. There is no room for guessing.

If Lutheran is truly community-minded, now is the perfect time to release these doctors from any restrictions so they may continue to help the patients they are dedicated to here in Fort Wayne.

It would be nice if doctors would all take their practices back to pure patient-minded settings and scratch the business-minded mess that seems to have taken over.

Dr. Dominick Acquaro

Fort Wayne

Editor's note: Lutheran announced Saturday that six gastrointestinal doctors have returned to work after a contract dispute.

Council should weigh in on redistricting debate

If the members of the Fort Wayne City Council are truly interested in curbing the appearance of impropriety, as with “pay-to-play” contracts, I propose that council pass a resolution urging the General Assembly to support nonpartisan redistricting.

The current process is not conducted in an open manner. It gives the appearance that the political party in the majority skews districts to its own advantage. This impropriety is known as gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering, drawing legislative district boundaries to eliminate political competition, is the subversion of the principle of one person, one vote of the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment.

Please tell your constituents that you are not for gerrymandering and that you stand against this appearance of impropriety. I urge you to join the growing number of Indiana cities that have stated they are against gerrymandering. Please pass a resolution letting our state legislators know Fort Wayne supports non-partisan redistricting reform.

In the spirit of curbing the appearance of impropriety, let our state legislators know you are against gerrymandering and that you support Senate Bill 159.

Jerri Martin

Fort Wayne