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Thursday, December 07, 2017 1:00 am


'Nutcracker' ballet enthralls as always

We recently had the privilege of taking our nursing and assisted living residents to the dress rehearsal of “The Nutcracker” ballet, and it was wonderful as usual.

It seems every year it becomes more beautiful and professional. The costumes were so colorful, the backdrops very striking, the dancing superb and, with the Philharmonic Orchestra and the children's choir adding to the overall performance, it was totally magnificent!

I have probably enjoyed “The Nutcracker” at least 25 times, but every year I am thrilled with it as are our residents, who are so privileged to attend as their guests and add to their enjoyment of the holiday season.

It will be presented again this coming weekend.

So, please, try to attend if you are fortunate to secure a ticket. What a wonderful treat for you to have for the holiday season!

Thank you, Karen Gibbons-Brown, artistic director, for giving Fort Wayne such a lovely evening of pure enjoyment, as well as all the dancers, musicians, backstage workers and everyone else who gave so much to give us this beautiful performance.


Fort Wayne

Keep cash in town

Since Black Friday, almost $4 billion has been spent by online shoppers who can buy virtually anything while sitting on the couch.

I do not shop electronically, and I am encouraging readers to spend locally despite the difficulties and possibly somewhat higher prices. Shopping locally keeps the money in the city. If I spend $100 in Fort Wayne, I help give jobs to my neighbors in retail who in turn can spend their income to provide others with jobs, and those people can spend their money to help employees who can – you get the idea.

Every dollar spent shopping online leaves the city and probably will never return. I have seen cities and towns with more closed businesses than thriving ones. I don't want to see my city that way.

R. Foy Rusk

Fort Wayne

We are witnessing nation's moral decline

How are our youth supposed to respond when those who are supposed to be their role models, community and national leaders act worse than they do?

Leadership in America has become a joke. It's a sad day in any nation when those who are in top government positions cannot control their illicit behavior and create secret taxpayer funds to cover up their wrongdoing.

Those who represent us at the highest levels of government and those who are given celebrity status are turning up as perpetrators in record numbers of sex scandals and other shameful crimes.

Our kids are being taught that sex is OK at an early age, and they are being taught lessons about morality that are at odds with our society. Is it any wonder that our children have mistaken identities?

When a nation lowers its moral standards, that nation puts itself into a position to become extinct.

America is falling into moral decline, and no one in leadership, the media or education seems to care.

We must put an end to this moral decadence before we become a nation of debauchery.

It's a sad day when our leaders are pleading to us that they need help and training in such matters. They should be the examples, not the ones needing guidance.


Fort Wayne