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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 1:00 am


Progressive left is blind to Islamic terror threat

After the Islamic terror attack in New York City on Oct. 31, one of the first things out of the mouths of progressive left Democrats was the term “lone wolf” to describe the attacker. “Lone wolf” is a Democratic talking point meant to blind and disarm and leave defenseless the American people to the danger we all are in from Islamic terror.

The next lie from the progressive left was “we don't know the motive for the attack.”

The attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar,” the battle cry of radical Islam.

Radical Islamists make no secret of their desire to kill us and destroy our way of life; any thinking person knows this is always the motive for these attacks.

Radical Islam wants to establish a worldwide caliphate.

Many in the progressive left seem sympathetic to Islamic terror, which is not surprising considering they share the same goal, to bring down and destroy America.

One of the surest signs that President Donald Trump is faithfully doing the job of making America great again, which more than 60,000,000 Americans elected him to do, is the white-hot hatred turned on him by the progressive left.



Mental health treatment as valuable as terror fight

After the terror incident in New York City, President Donald Trump said the U.S is bombing ISIS “10 times harder.” After the church mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Trump said it was a mental health issue.

Why is it that money is spent immediately to bomb ISIS after an attack, but not a word about more funding for mental health treatment? If anything, more money is being allocated for the military, yet treatment for mental health and substance abuse is being eliminated. If Americans are so important to protect, why not offer them health care protection?

Lynn Nayes

Fort Wayne

Try something new, GOP lawmakers: Be sincere

After the “blue wave” in Virginia on Nov. 7, I read that many Republican U.S. senators and representatives up for re-election in 2018 are torn between embracing the president or making a clean break and losing the support of the Trumpezoids but gaining votes from the more establishment wing of the party and from some independents.

If you're one of those lawmakers, I have a unique idea that you've probably never considered: Go with what you sincerely believe in. There's a good chance you'll lose anyway – in either the primary or the general – so why not give sincerity a try? No doubt some of you could even make a living in the private sector, and, if not, you still have that hefty pension.

James Cox

Van Wert, Ohio

Whiff of disappointment

What? Say it isn't so!

Being in downtown Fort Wayne will never be the same when I can no longer whiff the aroma of fresh-baked bread at Aunt Millie's.

Kind of sad.

Jerry Hertenstein

Fort Wayne

JEERS to all those obnoxious people who allow their cellphones to take over their lives – and I now have to include myself in that category. In the middle of a recent appointment, my cell rang, and I answered it. How rude! And I didn't think about apologizing until after leaving the office.

Voice mail exists for a good reason, and I plan to fully utilize it in the future. Cellphones can be lifesavers in emergency situations, but the vast majority of routine calls should be made in privacy and in a manner that does not inconvenience or disturb others.

James Schmelzer

Fort Wayne