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Saturday, November 11, 2017 1:00 am


A big CHEERS and thank you to all our veterans for their service to our country. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who didn't return and for those still serving.

CHEERS also to all the wonderful people who come out to watch our veterans leave and return from the Honor Flights. It is truly appreciated.

Thank you to all of the schools that allow our chapter to come to their facilities and let the veterans share their stories and experiences with the students.

Our chapter wishes all of our veterans a blessed Veterans Day. Remember, if you see a veteran, as well as anyone in a uniform serving the community and country, please shake his or her hand and say thank you for their service.


Publicity director,

Korean War Veterans Association Chapter One Indiana

Public schools steadfast over numerous changes

I appreciate that Fort Wayne Community Schools lets families choose them and that it takes all students and educates each to his/her best. Jennifer Vaughan's letter of Oct. 24 made clear the dedication of teachers.

As a former teacher, proud graduate of South Side High School and parent of three South Side graduates, what I especially appreciate are the FWCS programs for all our citizens. They are for  all those who are disciplined and organized and encouraged every day by their parents and teachers. The dual-credit classes, the honors programs, the International Baccalaureate program, business degrees and New Tech are also there for all.

These teachers and their classes form teams and do projects in classrooms. They use the dwindling resources in their buildings. Missing from my own 40-year career are the home ec teachers no longer there to assist in costume-making or helping with the foreign language cafe; the vocational teachers to construct sets and advise projects; the TV studio to film projects for national contests, all of whom helped me with Latin projects and programs.

Despite Indiana legislators gifting our money to fund schools with little accountability and little transparency, FWCS teachers, programs and projects battle on inside our schools every day for all students from the brightest to the bravest, those from wealth, those from poverty and all in between.

Thank you, FWCS, for maintaining those programs with accountability and transparency. I and many others stand with you and with public education.

Nancy Mack

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to Tammy and Jack Dyer, Colin McQueen, and Insight Fort Wayne for organizing and bringing to Fort Wayne the documentary, “Walk with Me.” The film is a beautiful profile of Thich Nhat Hanh and his community dedicated to uncovering wisdom and peace. I was heartened to see so many people with open hearts and minds come out on a rainy weekday night to develop compassion. Deep appreciation to all.

Pamela Steinbach

Fort Wayne

Taxes help balance scales

I love taxes! “What?” screams a comrade. Let me explain.

We have been told since the days of Julius Caesar that taxes are bad. Taxes have caused wars, revolutions and class warfare. The taxes Americans pay are the opposite of what they were during monarchies. In the old days, we gave the king our gold and he paid his soldiers to convince us that we did not want to live inside the castle.

In the United States, taxes are the only dollars that have a chance of making it back into the communities of American workers. All other hard-earned dollars when spent are rushed off to tax shelters in places like Dubai or the Grand Cayman Islands.

Unpatriotic investments and the very few who benefit from them are the reason the U.S. labor force makes half of what their parents did.

Want to stick it to the 1 percent? Ask for a small tax hike!


New Haven