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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, October 03, 2017 1:00 am


Upgrades appreciated

I want to thank the city and Transportation Engineering Services for the great work they have done this year in our neighborhood. This includes the sidewalk grinding, which eliminated the trip hazards, and the work on the ADA-mandated ramps.

The transportation engineering department has been very helpful over the past couple of years, helping us fill out the required paperwork and explaining to us the funding. A big thank you goes to the City Council members who voted in 2016 for the wheel tax that paid for this project and many others citywide this year. Thank you also, City Council, for the slight COIT increase that will put $30 million toward neighborhood infrastructure. There will be complaints about construction (there always are), but Fort Wayne will have fantastic roads and sidewalks.

Steve Fishbaugh

Fort Wayne

Leaving time for other pursuits

The liberal media have taken the opportunity to turn the flag/national anthem protest by coddled millionaire athletes and greedy team owners into a racial matter because the majority of the players are African-Americans. I respect their right to protest, but their kneeling offends me, particularly when they kneel against my country in England but rise to England's anthem. These protesters have all reaped this country's benefits by hard work and our support. They are being misled by people and media liberals who believe the U.S. is racist itself.

I am not a racist, and I don't believe America is either. My response is to no longer waste my time watching them on TV and turn to a more productive use of my days. Since I'm not watching the TV as much or reading their news stories like before, I no longer am exposed to their sponsors' efforts to influence my spending outlays, the proceeds from which also benefit the players, their union, the owners and league management. When these people become proud of America again, I might resume my following of them, if they don't take too long.

Richard Solaro

Fort Wayne

Denouncing citizenship

The U.S. flag and national anthem represent the United States of America. Those who intentionally deny those symbols demonstrate disrespect for the nation and what it represents.

Those who disrespect the nation should remove themselves to a country they are able to respect.

Citizens are not obligated to agree with all that goes on or doesn't go on in this country. Respectful expression of a difference of opinion is a right and privilege of the citizens of this country.

I don't think disrespect of the nation and what it stands for is included in that privilege.

It seems to me that such intentional denial is really a denouncing of citizenship.

William Hathaway