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Monday, October 02, 2017 1:00 am


Wreath-laying efforts gaining momentum

On Aug. 19, many people converged on Marion National Cemetery to show support for the purchase of wreaths to be placed at the cemetery over the Christmas holiday season. About 100 people were present, many riding motorcycles, others driving their cars. The meeting at the cemetery was followed by an escorted trip to the Fairmount American Legion, where a luncheon was served. As a result of the ride and contributions from caring citizens, American Legion posts and American Legion riders, more than $5,750 has been collected toward the purchase of wreaths. We thank all who contributed and attended.

This does not conclude our efforts. We are still seeking contributions for the purchase of wreaths to be placed on the graves at the Marion National Cemetery. Anyone may contribute as little or as much as they would like by sending their contributions with checks made out to “Wreaths Across America” to Gayle Armes c/o Armes-Hunt Funeral Home, 415 S. Main Street, Fairmount, IN 46928 or indicating Marion, Indiana.

Everyone is invited to the wreath laying ceremony at Marion National Cemetery on December 16, commencing at Noon. If you have a loved one who is buried at Marion, you may take one of the wreaths to that grave at that time.

We look forward to more contributions and greater success than we have had in years past.

Janice R. Taylor


DACA editorial fact-free

Regarding the Sept. 12 editorial, “Heart of the matter/Hoosiers attuned to plight of Dreamers,” I noticed neither The Journal Gazette nor any of the community leaders quoted addressed the illegality of the originality DACA executive order.

Does no one accept or address the possibility that the current move is an attempt to correct the prior action? Do people not think anymore? Is the only response to a matter of public policy to emote?

Additionally, such remarks as “foolish,” “cruel” and “un-American” do not make up for the lack of substance. No figures were presented as to the actual number of “Dreamers” who were gainfully employed, or were convicted criminals, or were attending school. No facts, no thinking, just warm and fuzzies.

Stan Jones


What does Trump gain from impeding probe?

The reality that Russian agents infiltrated our election is absolutely undeniable. I believe Donald Trump knew about it, at the very least, if he was not directly complicit. The list of people in Trump's orbit implicated in the Russian investigation is simply incredible: Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Rex Tillerson, Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, Michael Cohen, Felix Sater. There are probably more, but that particular list should be damning, regardless.

The fact that Trump Jr. was joined by Manafort, Page and Kushner at a meeting with Russian operatives to discuss information about a political rival is alarming at best. It is impossible to see that particular meeting as anything but nefarious. The continually evolving story about the meeting is indicative of a cover-up. It has become clear that the president dictated the initial news release about the meeting. Trump fired James Comey, the man in charge of the Russia investigation, with that investigation top of mind. He stated this fact himself.

The president also continues to deride and undermine the current investigation. He refuses to admit what has been stated clearly by 17 government organizations such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and many others: Russian agents attempted to undermine the integrity of our election. It certainly does not seem to be a disagreement so much as subterfuge on the president's part. It would be sad if it weren't so petrifying.

Jason Brad Lee

Fort Wayne