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Saturday, September 09, 2017 1:00 am


Gun permit essential

Why in the world would this state want to give everyone the right to carry a handgun without needing a permit? That will be open season on police officers of this state – stupid, stupid. With all of the homicides in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Gary, that's what we need – more guns in those idiots' hands. Heaven help us.

Whoever composed that idea should rethink trying to get it passed. I carry a handgun, myself, legally. Don't even consider passing such a stupid idea.

Robert Hart

Fort Wayne

Trump's mental health: judge for yourself

There is an issue that needs to be brought before the American people; the issue relates to Donald Trump and has been festering for some time. It deals with a mental health diagnosis. Many in the field have had red flags for a long time. We have not been allowed to speak out because of the “Goldwater Rule” and fear of losing our licenses.

In 1964, many psychologists and psychiatrists had been critical of Republican nominee Barry Goldwater; there were concerns about his mental health. A proper examination had never been completed on him by any professional; all that existed was conjecture. This led to the “Goldwater Rule” – those in the field should not diagnose individuals without consent and proper therapeutic practices in place.

This has become a raging battle within psychiatric professional organizations. There are those who see value in the rule and those who clearly see a mental health diagnosis for Trump. They point to his impulse control, paranoia, accusatory nature, short attention span and need for positive recognition. These traits can lead to a mental health diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Those who believe this issue needs to be public point to the “duty to warn.” This is also a mainstay of psychology – it becomes a professional obligation to inform those who may be subject to an injurious act. There is also the position that not speaking out robs the community of the knowledge and expertise of those within mental health. There is a great deal of education and experience within the field, they argue; it needs to be shared and the public needs to understand how mental health affects us.

There are 10 different personality disorders, each with its own criteria, each well defined. They operate outside the framework of the some 265 diagnoses within mental health. One of the 10 is Narcissistic Personality Disorder; for me, Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is a classic example.

I also believe the general public can make that determination themselves. The criteria can be easily found on the internet or the DSM-5 .It is less than a page of reading. There are nine provisions. After reading each one, a person should ask themselves, does this apply to Trump?

This is a serious issue, and I believe strongly we need to educate the public. We need to have a working knowledge of this diagnosis and what we should expect from our president.

Rodney Scott

Fort Wayne

A generous gesture

For 30 years, I and my dear FWCS senior friends have enjoyed eating lunch together.

Recently, along with Toni's dear husband, we enjoyed our regular monthly luncheon. Upon asking for our bills, our sweet waitress turned toward us and announced, “All your five bills were paid for by the kind gentleman who sat behind you.”

Wow...what a loving gesture. This gift is so thoughtful. We sincerely wish to thank you, whoever you are, for giving us all such a loving treat. God bless you.


Fort Wayne