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Thursday, September 07, 2017 1:00 am


Traffic tickets:endless revenue

We have an infinite supply of revenue that could be used to finance road repair, much-needed sidewalks and alley repair in this city – traffic tickets.

Every time I leave the house and drive around this town I see more than 100 violations that should be ticketed. The No. 1 violation is speeding. Any road, any time, any day, people are exceeding the speed limit. Maybe they don't know the meaning of the word “limit” – that means the fastest you should go, not the slowest. Endless revenue. Red light running is rampant. Endless revenue. All day long people are turning right on red, forgetting the law says “right turn on red after stop.” So that would be the same as disregarding an automatic signal, or running a stop sign. Endless revenue.

That is just a start to the violations I see every day. It could generate enough revenue to hire more police to generate even more revenue.

Compound endless revenue.

Also, enforcing traffic laws would increase safety for all.

Roger Lindley

Fort Wayne

Rail service will boost stops on U.S. 30 corridor

Recently several newspapers along the U.S. 30 highway corridor across Indiana (including The JournalGazette on Aug. 17) published an op-ed from Leigh Morris on making U.S. 30 a limited-access freeway from the Ohio line to the Illinois line. While this effort may well help reduce congestion and improve traffic and truck flow, it may also reduce local economic development in the cities and towns along the corridor with higher speeds and less reason to stop along the way.

While improving the safety and traffic flow on this important highway is laudable, there is another project being worked on that will offer much more direct economic development and transportation benefits to people living in the cities and towns along U.S. 30.

The Northern Indiana and Ohio Passenger Rail project will restore passenger rail service to Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Plymouth, Valparaiso and Gary. This passenger rail service, which will connect to Chicago and eventually to Columbus. Ohio, will provide transportation to the downtown areas of each community along this route and will help drive direct economic development in the heart of all these cities and towns.

We have spoken with Amtrak about partnering with the Northern Indiana Passenger Rail Association and our many public and private stakeholders to operate this restored passenger rail service for northern Indiana, and they are interested in doing so. We hope to see at least four trains each day (two each way) as a minimum within three years, with more added as ridership use and demand grow.

The return of passenger rail service to the U.S. 30 corridor by 2020 will have a dramatic and immediate effect on the downtowns of all the Indiana communities mentioned above. It will also help other communities located between the passenger stops. The first federally mandated study on the reintroduction of passenger rail service on this rail line will be completed and results released this fall. So, stay tuned. Passenger rail service is coming back for northern Indiana.

Fred Lanahan


Northern Indiana

Passenger Rail Association

Fort Wayne

A practical question

Having seen a recent photo of drugs being flown in via drone from Mexico, how high is the wall going to be, Mr. President?

Mary Ann Sidell

Fort Wayne