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Thursday, August 10, 2017 1:00 am


Strength from the states

Our president pulled out of the Paris accord. What a black eye for the United States and possibly our loss of world leadership.

But states from New York to California and hundreds of cities and towns and businesses large and small still believe in global warming and will do what they can to slow it down.

This long list may have more influence on the rest of the world than just the letters “U.S.”


Fort Wayne

Help college freshmen stay smart on drinking

In the coming weeks, millions of college-bound freshmen will be leaving home for campus for the first time. As parents prepare their teens for college, it's important to set aside time to talk about alcohol.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, teens are much more likely to delay drinking when they believe they have a close, supportive tie with a parent or guardian.

Here are some tips for parents to guide the discussion: Set clear expectations for academic achievement and responsible behavior; talk about alcohol facts, reasons not to drink and ways to avoid drinking in difficult situations; address how to get help on campus for themselves or a friend; keep in close contact to determine whether your son or daughter is feeling overwhelmed, making friends, getting involved with activities and enjoying classes; and make sure they know you are there to support them through this transition period.

Even though your college-age student may no longer be living at home, research shows parents have the most influence over their son's or daughter's decision to drink or not to drink. Invest this time together to ensure your teen gets off on the right track for academic success.

Sam Zakhari

Washington, D.C.

Vice president of science,

Distilled Spirits Council

Grateful for generosity

On July 1 we had gone to Hall's Deck and had to wait for a table for our meal. We always share a meal because we are light eaters. When we went to pay, our waitress told us that the meal had been paid for by a lady at another table. We are so appreciative of this. We could afford two meals, but choose not to do so. We will pay it forward. 


New Haven

A different perspective on religious freedom

The Gordon E. Walter Golden Pen letter from June points out how misguided anyone can be, no matter their age or writing skills. Walter wrote, “When ordinary business service is denied for a religious difference, regardless of the actual words, the message is clear: 'My religious belief will control your actions. Your freedom of religious expression doesn't exist here.'

“That is one-way religious freedom, and the courts have correctly rejected the imposition of one belief over another.”

I would suggest it should have be stated like this, “When ordinary business service is required, despite a religious difference, regardless of the actual words, the message is clear: 'Your religious belief will control my actions. My freedom of religious expression doesn't exist here.'

“That is one-way religious freedom, and the courts have incorrectly imposed one belief over another.”

Roy Heffron

Fort Wayne

Think of your son first

Run, Melania, run. Grab Barron's hand and the two of you run as fast and as far as you can. It's too late to save your stepchildren; they are their father's spitting image, but it may not be too late for Barron if you go now. You pride yourself on being, first and foremost, a good mother. How can you hold onto that reputation and continue to raise your son in the toxic environment that your husband has made of the White House? No one will fault you for putting your son's well being ahead of your position as first lady. Run, Melania, run.

Gaynel Murphy

Fort Wayne