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Wednesday, August 02, 2017 1:00 am


Who will step up now?

While completing my workout at a local establishment on June 30, I glanced at one of the televisions and saw in bold letters: Ian Rolland funeral service times and places.

Immediately, my computer mind brought forth the Journal Gazette article dated July 22, 1990, which I still have.

Fort Wayne, as other cities, was facing challenges in all areas, but it took the boldness, tact and vision of this man to get the attention of community and business leaders. Not that they were not aware of the idleness and bickering, but who would step forward and state the facts publicly?

Thanks to Mr. Rolland and others' actions, many of the improvements are visible today, but who will speak for those without a voice($)?

The word leadership is so loosely used today, but I personally wanted to say “hat's off” to a statesman who through his life's actions said, “I have given my best, now history is looking at those after me, asking, 'will you fulfill the vision?'”

Yes, Fort Wayne, you can be proud. But you are only as great as the least of us.


Fort Wayne

Landers' views evolved

For many years, The Journal Gazette ran Ann Landers' column. “Ann Landers” was a pseudonym for her birth name, Eppie Lederer. Her columns were full of wisdom mixed with wit. One of my favorites traced the long history of the world's varied religions. She names the human founders of many religions. For example, if you are a Lutheran, your religion was founded by Martin Luther in the 16th century. Since I am a Roman Catholic, I was especially interested in her listing for the Roman Catholic Church. She says it was founded by Jesus Christ in the year 33 A.D. That is why I am a Roman Catholic, besides the fact, not insignificant, that both of my parents were strong Roman Catholics.

Landers was once asked whether there was anything in her beliefs that she would change after many years of writing a column. She replied that she once believed that divorce was always morally wrong. But after many years of writing a column, she came to realize that divorce may be the best solution, especially in a marriage that is abusive.

Jerome A. Welch

Fort Wayne

Trump's power grab

A recent tweet from President Donald Trump certainly raises a question about his, his advisers and his family's involvement with and close ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russians. His threats to fire officials in the Justice Department and the attorney general are really alarming.

Control of the Justice Department and the attorney general's office, in my opinion, are the first major steps by Trump to form a dictatorship. I hope and pray that our politicians – Democrats, Republicans and independents – take a firm stance against Trump's clear attempt to control the judiciary.

Jim Stump

Fort Wayne

GOP move hypocritical

On July 16, the Journal Gazette published an editorial that praised the General Assembly for allowing the new gasoline tax to be used for health care costs.

If the Republicans craft a health care law as wonderful as they claim it would be, but causes millions of people to lose their health care, then the Republican Party should stand up and own it. Allowing them to bail themselves out by using funds earmarked for highways is not “wise,” it's hypocritical.

William Burkhart

Fort Wayne