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Monday, July 17, 2017 1:00 am


Set for fireworks fight

I am looking for a lawyer to work for free to take on the state's fireworks law. I think the present law is a violation of my right to the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of my home. I think people should be able to shoot fireworks on their own property any time year long as long as they can contain the noise and smoke to the limits of their own property. When it invades my property and my home, it is a violation of my rights. I believe that others' rights stop where mine begin. Any lawyers out there who would like to take this on? Let me know if you are ready for a fight.

Mary Kay Matasky

Fort Wayne

Read & Rise sets kids on path to success

Thanks goes out to Parkview Health Systems for being the primary sponsor for our first Read & Rise Gala featuring Eddie Levert and the O'Jays. All funding will be directed to the Urban League's Read & Rise program. The Read & Rise Parent Educator enrolls families with children from up to age 5 living in targeted low-income neighborhoods. In a series of 12 home visits, the PE demonstrates to the parents what they can do for their children's school success while coaching and encouraging them in literacy-related best practices, emphasizing reading aloud and giving a new book to each child in the home at every visit. Read & Rise empowers parents to be their child's first teacher.

Read & Rise is a transformational program. It helps create positive outcomes for children living in the high-poverty areas who are at high risk of not being ready to learn when they enter kindergarten. Many are essentially developmentally delayed after living in what can be called deprived-language environments. Some of the homes have few or no children's books. Many of the children enter school with no familiarity with books and with limited vocabularies. Even early childhood education starting at age 3 is too late in many cases. The language deprivation before age 3 means those children are already behind.

Existing preschool programs cannot reach into the homes of children younger than 3, and programs that expect the parent to attend sessions outside the home will not reach those with no transportation and a multitude of other challenges. Yet those undereducated parents want the best for their children, and with help and guidance they can make a difference. Further, what makes the Read & Rise program unique is that its services are offered in the parent's home where we have 100 percent parent buy-in and participation. At Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy (a high-poverty school) this past year, eight of 30 first-graders had participated in Read & Rise. All eight were at or above national standards in reading and language for children that age, compared to the other group where four of 22 students met that standard. Last year we gave away nearly 1,000 books to more than200 children.

Thank you, Parkview, for investing in our youth and the future of our community. Anyone interested in volunteering, donating books or providing financial support can call the Fort Wayne Urban League at 260-745-3100.

Jonathan C. Ray


Matt Kelley

Senior Board chair  

Marlon Wardlow

Vice chair

Fort Wayne Urban League

CHEERS to the remodeled Wendy's downtown for truly landscaping with beautiful hydrangeas instead of just planting the usual squatty little bushes to meet the code. Beautiful!

Vicky Foltz

Fort Wayne