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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, July 13, 2017 1:00 am


Something must be done about abuse of fireworks

This whole fireworks thing is absolutely getting out of hand, and it is past time that our state representatives – excluding, of course, those who also sell fireworks – did something about it.

Night after night during the weeks surrounding July 4 , a few inconsiderate neighbors ignite fireworks for hours on end.

These individuals care nothing about children trying to sleep, pets being terrorized, their neighbors' peace and quiet, or even current laws regarding the use of fireworks.

I also doubt that these firework addicts are such patriots that their love of country is the primary motivation for relentlessly disturbing the peace.

Our representatives need to demonstrate some meaningful concern for the vast majority of citizens who don't want to endure hours and hours of sonic booms by placing much more reasonable limits on the use of fireworks (i.e., 8 p.m.–10 p.m. July 3 and 4) and by making sure that those limits are strictly enforced.

Beyond that – and I realize this is a pipe dream in today's society – those people who seem addicted to fireworks ought to be mature enough and considerate enough to – at the very least – obey current laws when it comes to their use.

Kenneth Thomas

Fort Wayne

Grateful for aid in flood

We wanted to thank the Red Cross for delicious meals, flood clean-up kits and lodging at Rome City School, The Disaster Relief for the laundry and shower facilities, Catholic Charities for Dumpsters and Channel 15 for their news coverage.

Without these items, life would have been much more difficult.

Thanks too for Diann Scott, president of West Lake Association, and the board for all the time and work they spent trying to get some active support for our ongoing predicament.


Rome City

Proactive approach can reduce fireworks nuisance

I saw posts regarding fireworks ahead of the holiday. It is sad to hear these stories of disrespect, yet the wrong people are being blamed. The fault does not lie with obnoxious adults. Fault on this matter belongs to the greed of state legislators.

They took millions from lawyers representing the fireworks lobby, then reversed a ban in Indiana on individual fireworks displays. Tom Didier was right in his comments, and attention in this area should be refocused to Sen. David Long. He is part of state leadership in Indianapolis and helped bring on the current reality. Greed brought on your local hardships of sleepless nights and terrified pets. I too had to deal with this nightmare when I had a dog who suffered from epilepsy.

Instead of flooding the police, local news or newspapers with your disdain, direct it to Long. While not the only politician responsible, he is the most senior in leadership in Indiana to represent us.

Two other points: First, I find it unnecessary that the Tin Caps light off fireworks after what seems nearly every weekend game. As an individual, to use them is annoying and such use does not make them a good steward in this community. Some people go to bed before10 p.m. and have to work the next day.

Second, rather than flooding the police switchboard with multiple calls, be proactive. In the age of cell phones, you have a camera. Most neighborhoods have a watch program already in place. If you sense an annoyance, assign someone to drive by the location and capture the nuisance so you can provide video evidence to the local authorities. My experience is most neighborhoods only have a few obnoxious souls doing this primarily to annoy their own neighbors.

Stand as one. Contact Sen. Long and tell him fireworks outside a public display are unnecessary except for their origin of purpose: The Fourth of July.

David L. Nichols

Fort Wayne