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Tuesday, July 04, 2017 1:00 am


City's traffic snarls offer many positive benefits

I want to thank all the city contractors and utility companies for the wonderful new traffic features downtown. There is no better way to get to know our beautiful downtown than through the windows of an automobile. The lovely traffic-calming features put in place on Jefferson and Washington boulevards, as well as the many secondary streets, add to the flavor of Fort Wayne as a thriving city.

As a near-downtown resident and downtown employee, I have come to value my lateness to work while sitting in traffic. It gives me time to reflect on and admire the precise coordination it takes to slow down a high volume of my fellow travelers. I imagine it took months to coordinate such a feat. Who would have thought orange barrels could be artwork?

My favorite new feature is the odd but effective new enhancements in the Lakeside area. It has taken me three months to get used to seeing the sewer material as road ornament on Lake Avenue next to the park. I am not quite sure what the final project will look like, but I know it will go well with the rutty traffic-calming pavement that prevents cars from driving over the dangerous speed of 20 mph. The park is beautiful this time of year, and every time I drive by, I am verbally responsive to those responsible for making me slow down and notice.

Progress is often measured by how a community moves forward. Fort Wayne has taken the next step: incorporating aggressive infrastructure improvements to warrant appreciation. We are lucky to have such forward-thinking people in our community. My patience, my doctor and my mechanic thank you.

Patrick Stelte

Fort Wayne

Go back to paper ballots

How in the world can we trust electronic elections anymore? I don't trust the latest Georgia election. All these Republicans having contact with Russia; Donald Trump making allegations the election was rigged. He was right, it was rigged – against the people of this country. The Republicans are purging voters by the thousands. They are the fraud in this country.

I told my friends a couple years ago if Republicans are elected in 2016, this will be the last election they rule by fear and hate. They disdain all but the very wealthy.

Let's go back to paper ballots. It may take longer, but maybe the Russians can't hack the paper.



Public must speak out on 'immoral' health bill

We are at a critical time in our country's response to the needs of the most vulnerable in our society. Our House and Senate have both proposed changes to our current health care laws that will directly affect many of us who have insurance through the Affordable Care Act. But perhaps the most catastrophic action in the proposed bill is the plan to eliminate $880 billion from Medicaid over the next 10 years while, at the same time, giving a massive tax cut ($600 billion-plus) to the wealthiest in our country.

As the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reinforced at their recent annual spring assembly in Indianapolis, the American Health Care Act passed by the House on May 4 (and basically reinforced by the Senate version recently released) needs major reform to provide quality health care for the “voiceless,” especially children, the poor, immigrants, the elderly and those seriously ill. While we know the Affordable Care Act has problems that must be addressed, the changes that have been proposed in the new health care law “if left unchallenged or unmodified ... will deny already-scarce medical resources to the nation's neediest in every state across the land,” in the words of Bishop George Thomas of Helena, Montana. We cannot let our elected officials pass this immoral law in our name.

There is still time to contact our Indiana senators at their Washington, D.C., or local offices to voice your disapproval of the bill as it now stands. Their phone numbers are:

Todd Young: Washington, 202-224-5623; Fort Wayne, 260-422-7397

Joe Donnelly: Washington, 202-224-4814; Fort Wayne, 260-420-4955

You can email either senator by going to his website and from there following the necessary steps to contact him.

Theresa K. Driscoll

Fort Wayne