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Sunday, June 18, 2017 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

What is Senate hiding in health care talks?

On Tuesday, I called the offices of Indiana Sens. Todd Young and Joe Donnelly. I wanted to express my concerns about the Senate version of the American Health Care Act.

The version of the AHCA that was passed by the House had many problems and would leave many vulnerable populations without insurance or with insurance so costly that they might as well not have insurance. I find this to be morally problematic and a failure for us to take care of our fellow citizens. But even if you don't agree with me about that, the way the Senate is handling its version of the AHCA should concern you.

When I called Young's and Donnelly's offices to express my concerns, I found myself short on words. You see, the senators working on the bill have refused to release even the outlines of what they plan to try to pass by the end of this month. They are reportedly hoping to pass a bill that they will not let the American people see.

If you believe, as I do, that a democratic republic depends upon an engaged citizenry to ensure that decisions made at the local, regional, state and federal levels of government represent the interests of the people, then bills and legislation that are written, discussed and voted on in secret should disturb you regardless of your political persuasion.

I don't know why Senate Republicans would not want to make the bill public. Possibilities abound. But I do know that drafting and passing a bill in secret serves to avoid accountability to constituents. I believe that our elected officials should not be afraid to show the public what they propose. And if they are afraid or, worse, don't care about public input, we should encourage them to find a different career.

Abraham “Abe” Schwab

associate professor of philosophy, IPFW

Time for Trump, company to make exit

After more than 120 days in office, President Donald Trump has accomplished nothing. This guy contradicts himself over and over; he is a pathological liar and cannot recall what he previously stated. Sadly, he is very comfortable lying. This ignorant guy cannot help himself. Yes, he has signed a ream of executive orders – he loves showcasing his signature (“look what I have accomplished”).

His disgusting, despicable behavior has been a national disgrace and embarrassed the USA around the world with some of our most friendly allies. Trump has surrounded himself with misfits who have buried themselves with conflict-of-interest and obstruction-of-justice issues. They need to be held accountable. “Lock them up.” Trump's style is to keep everyone and everything in a constant turmoil.

Political affiliation should never enter into an investigation dealing with issues surrounding obstruction of justice. Swift and precise action must be taken to impeach Trump. Drain the swamp of unqualified Trump puppets. Trump's ethical and moral values clearly label him unfit to lead the United States; his leadership is worthless throughout the world (except for Russia). Do not allow this impostor to persuade you he's a good guy; he is insecure, unstable and untrustworthy. Trump loves attention, money (especially other people's money) and himself. Remember he stated, “I, and only I, can fix this.”

There are several qualified people capable of stepping into the presidency. Vice President Mike Pence is a smooth-talking politician who has been caught up in his own lies. If not for Trump, Pence would have become an unemployed ex-governor. The Republican Party has an opportunity to select a president who must return respect to the office, and the USA; the time is now.

It's time for Trump and his misfits to make their exit and not let the door hit their best side.

Jim Scheerer

Fort Wayne

City 'experts' don't seem to have answers

Have you ever thought about all the experts and how we look to them for their experience in telling us what is needed to move forward? The expert will tell us with all certainty that we need to do this or that to move forward and keep the momentum going. How many times have we heard that line? Can anyone really know they are 100 percent correct on anything?

The future is based on the opinions or guessing of the experts; all we can do is hope, wish and stare blindly into the abyss of the experts' opinions and hope for the best. The experts are the authors of this ordeal of change because they are the experts on everything; if you don't believe them, just ask them. How can the the experts be the only ones who can be experts? Does living from paycheck to paycheck count as a financial genius? How can we make it to the next paycheck and still afford the additional taxes that the experts want to heap into our lives? The additional gas tax, additional license plate fee, garbage fee increase, sewer and water increase and so on and so on, I would say the real experts are the people living from paycheck to paycheck.

Why do we listen to the experts who point to a bright future when most of us can't afford today? It's time for a change in thinking by our elected city and county officials. How about asking the real experts on the future of Fort Wayne and Allen County or are they afraid of the answer from the real experts?

John Modezjewski

Fort Wayne

Writer's garbage has hit a disgusting low

I just read Doug Schumick's letter (June 12). His letters seem to almost appear monthly and vomit hate-filled and alternative facts. It is time for The Journal Gazette to stop printing his garbage. In this letter, he has reached an all-time low when he suggests Jill Case's letter may bring harm to her. This needs to stop. The man needs to be censored. I have started keeping all his letters so that, when someone becomes hurt over his vile rhetoric, I can turn them over to the authorities so he can be investigated.

The Journal Gazette – while printing this type of letter under the guise that someone will call him on his disgusting diatribes – needs to stop when he reaches the point of inciting others. There are too many individuals in the world who do not understand that he is only voicing his hate-filled opinion. He is obviously a true hater of the First Amendment, which allows everyone to speak their feelings without feeling endangered by individuals like Shumick.

The Journal Gazette needs to stop printing his crap. And Shumick needs to grow up.

Thom Bauer

Fort Wayne

ACA's replacement is sanctioned murder

I don't understand what all the whining is about. Yes, the law that repeals the deeply flawed Affordable Care Act legalizes and sanctions murder. But that's what you voted for. The 217 mostly white, male, Christian members of Congress who voted for it of their own free will were duly elected by millions of Americans who voted for them of their own free will.

The law proves the greatness of America, a country where you are free to choose your executioner.

Terry Doran

Fort Wayne