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Friday, June 16, 2017 1:00 am


A dangerous intersection

I'm just curious: Do the Allen County and Fort Wayne highway departments believe in human sacrifice? There are obviously dangerous intersections, such as the one at Meijer Drive and St Joe Center Road, that really would benefit from a light. Trying to turn left onto St. Joe Center is impossible at times. To the east, the bridge across 469 gives limited sight and to the west it is hard to tell if people are going to turn right onto Meijer or go straight through.

Please, before someone gets killed, put up a traffic light.

Lee E. Powell


'Whatever' world is one we now live in

I'm somewhat confused by Patricia Day's June 6 letter. She asserted that hundreds booed the Notre Dame students who walked out of their own graduation ceremony rather than listen to former governor, now Vice President Mike Pence. I did some video research, and it sounded about half and half to me – some clapping and some booing. I don't know that you could say hundreds either way. Personally, I applaud the conviction of the Notre Dame students, who politely and quietly simply left in protest of Pence's speaking at their graduation.

As to the rest of Day's letter: Pence's stance on LGBT rights is well-known. I think we can assume the reporter knew exactly what the student was saying. 

I am very much afraid that we will find out that Russia – Russia, people – interfering with our elections is not a joke. The hearings, subpoenas and the recent NSA leak seem to bear that out.

Day must not be on Facebook, have listened to a radio, read a newspaper or watched TV if she has not seen/heard how former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have been treated by her fellow (I assume) Republicans, not to mention former first lady, senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A few more specifics regarding the “illegal felons” being “harbored” might be helpful. If she is speaking about the undocumented in our country, it might be interesting to note that Obama's administration statistically deported more undocumented people than any other administration to date. Of those undocumented people, those who posed security risks and those who had serious criminal records were put at the head of the list, and not those undocumented people who have been regularly reporting in, running businesses, paying taxes and being good residents of the cities and counties they reside in.

I'm not really sure what Day was referring to regarding scripture, but I know I do not live in a “whatever” world; I don't want to live in that world, and I don't think my fellow Hoosiers do either. Hopefully, in 2018, the ballot box will speak, both locally and nationally.

Vicky Foltz

Fort Wayne

A Henry legacy project?

I could see the need for riverfront development with its parks and new entertainment-type area if Headwaters Park were used all the time and we needed the space. But many times it's vacant. I don't mean just winter; in the other seasons there are few people there, at least not enough to justify more space needed. If more space is wanted, let local businesses pay for its development and care, not taxpayers.

Unless the building of this project is just for Mayor Tom Henry's legacy.

Richard W. Burridge

Fort Wayne

Pot puts kids at risk

Thank you, Curtis Hill, (Indiana attorney general) for the op-ed in the June 7 Journal Gazette, in which he provided statistics on the unintended consequences of the legalization of marijuana. Clearly this is a hotly contested topic. Some would like us to believe that the issue is only about the adults who make the laws and those who engage in marijuana use.

However, newborns are already suffering greatly from the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. A recent article examines the issue of THC addiction and withdrawal among the newborn population.

Before deciding to surrender to public pressure, considering the additional tax revenue the state could earn and lowering the bar on behavioral expectations of our adult population, let's think of what we are doing to our children.

Laurie Johnson

Fort Wayne