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The Journal Gazette

Saturday, June 10, 2017 1:00 am


CHEERS for a great Memorial Day parade.

Thank you citizens of Fort Wayne who participated in, supported and attend our city's Memorial Day parade.

The parade was larger than previous years and the crowds larger, with a very visible patriotism that shone as bright as the sun that day. Thank you, families, for bringing your children, and a special thanks to those children who walked up to veterans asking whether they could shake their hands and offering a shy “thank you for your service.”

I and veterans around me were visibly touched and grateful for this gesture. Thank you, parents, for instilling this sense of respect and loyalty in them, your examples here have started a noble family legacy that you will be able to cherish forever.

In my drive to the parade, it seemed like there were more flags posted and flying than I can recall.

What a great display of family dedication and respect for our veterans, our flag and our country.


Fort Wayne

CHEERS for the kindness of a family or families in LaCabreah who are providing a cooler of chilled bottled water, a large trash can, and a dog bowl for refreshing man's best friend along the Pufferbelly Trail. This is available every day and is such a kind and neighborly thing to do. 

Linda Kerr

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to all those who took part in the 2017 Letter Carriers' Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Kicking off the food drive were participating elementary schools of Fort Wayne Community Schools. They set the pace with a friendly food collection competition. The food drive provided the students a learning opportunity about community service. For several years, Indian Village Elementary School (and Principal Jay Peters) led the competition with the most pounds of food collected.

Contrarily, almost 70 percent of their students receive free or reduced lunches.

Of course, a huge cheer goes out to all the letter carriers of northeast Indiana for their hard work in the logistics of the food drive collection process.

And finally, cheers to our generous Fort Wayne community, which year after year continues to think of others who are struggling to recover from hardship.

Roger Reece

Executive director, Associated Churches

CHEERS to the several people who helped me corral my runaway pet Wednesday evening at the Chestnut Plaza area, especially the young couple who finally caught her.

Also, the person who gave us a hot dog for bait.

My dog Kizzy is fine, but what could have happened with her running around homes, parking lots and Indiana 14 could have had a bad ending.

Bruce K. Novak

Fort Wayne

As a definite member of the senior citizenry, I was very recently enjoying a pedicure at Nail Love Spa and mentioned my recent birthday to my nail tech.

Evidently, my remark was heard by a lovely fellow client, who approached us a little later and insisted on paying for my pedicure. I was ever so surprised and most grateful for her generous gesture.

CHEERS to her and, of course, I intend to pay it forward.


Fort Wayne