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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, June 06, 2017 1:00 am


Monuments must stay

I'm glad to see that the governor of Alabama finally put a stop to removing Civil War artifacts. I think it is a disgrace to those who fought and died in that war to have those removed.

The mayor of New Orleans should be ashamed to have all those statues removed. No war is good, but someone has to win and someone has to lose.

I can't believe we let a certain group of people tell us that all Civil War things have to come down. Baloney. It was a part of American history; leave it alone for future generations to learn about good or bad things from it. These people need to quit telling this country what they want done for them.

Robert Hart

Fort Wayne

Protest of Pence sign of 'whatever' world

The Journal Gazette's headline for May 22 was “More than 100 walk out on Pence.” How much of a unity call is that? What about the hundreds who booed their departure for being disrespectful to their past governor and current vice president of our United States, serving under President Donald Trump?

Why did they leave? They don't know! One was asked and he said it was because of Vice President Mike Pence's stance on the LBGT community. Tell me, then, what is his stance? The bigger picture is strong vetting of losers who would throw that entire community off roofs as they have done before. Oh, girls, be careful with your genitals. These losers practice mutilation.

If you would just think about what you are writing and the results thereof, you might be considered a responsible newspaper. Instead, The Journal Gazette is merely bird cage liner. If you want a “United” States once more, you must support our government and the people who voted Trump into office (what a joke about Russia). We conservatives have not been happy campers these past eight years, but the Republicans did not attack Barack Obama as the Democrats are doing to Trump. They had their differences, but they were civil. Never were there vulgar demonstrations and destruction caused by many who were paid or instigated by the likes of George Soros. If they wear masks, arrest them! Lawlessness is lawlessness and cannot be tolerated. I can get a ticket for a seat belt violation (for safety's sake), yet illegal felons are harbored. Because conservatives think that is a bit crazy, we are considered “haters” and Hollywood loves a good story line.

God warns us, in his word, of the foolishness of the wise and that there will come a time when a man will do that which is right in his own eyes. Translation: There is no right; no wrong. It's a “whatever” world.

Patricia Day

Fort Wayne

Article stirs memories

We enjoyed reading The Journal Gazette for more 63 years, and I kept enjoying reading after my dear husband went to heaven more than three months ago.

Why I'm really writing is to thank you for the article published May 12: “Fatima 'miracle' cited to canonize children.”

May 13 was the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima's (Jesus' mother) appearance to three shepherd children. We went to Fatima, Portugal seven times. As my dear husband was the leader of six pilgrimages to Fatima, we enjoyed hearing anything about Fatima, so thanks again.