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Thursday, April 11, 2019 1:00 am

Furthermore ...

Perils of a low-rate interstate

Fort Wayne resident Todd Perkins is among the scores of drivers who have battled the pothole-strewn section of Interstate 69 near Anderson – and lost. Perkins told the Star Press of Muncie he was driving 40 mph in a state trooper-led slowdown Feb. 7 when he experienced a flat. 

 At the Tire Barn in Anderson, Perkins learned he was the 10th customer to experience a flat tire so far that day.

Forty motorists whose cars have been damaged along the 15-mile section have filed tort claims against the state, according to the Star Press. None has received a payment so far. 

Lester Bush, a transportation manager with Fort Wayne Community Schools, received a letter from the state informing him it was not responsible for damages incurred on Thanksgiving Day, when he found himself trapped between a semi trailer-truck and the construction zone's concrete barrier and was forced to hit a pothole. Because his all-wheel-drive car requires matching tires, Bush had to replace all four. The bill was $1,005.58.

There were 186 crashes, resulting in 25 injuries and one death, in the crater-filled construction zone between Oct. 1 and Feb. 28, according to Indiana Criminal Justice Institute records.

If you've driven to Indianapolis since that time, you know the hazards still exist. Be warned.