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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, June 15, 2017 1:00 am

A focus on community and tourism

At least some of the aspects of today's special Focus sections are already familiar to you if you've lived here for even a brief time.

But you might want to keep them somewhere physically or digitally accessible, anyway.

Pull out the Community section when someone says, “People here don't care.” Tell that person about the minister at Many Nations Church or Jerrod Tobias' murals or the Urban League's BUILD and Read & Rise programs. Click back to the Tourism section and talk about the city's sports tournaments and the region's running events, community theaters and farmers' markets.

Today's 16 pages can't begin to cover the full range of positive things going on in our communities, or a fraction of the activities that beckon residents each weekend.

But they offer a hint of why so many of us who live here wouldn't live anywhere else.