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Sunday, June 10, 2018 1:00 am

Klutz is candidate 'every voter hopes for'

Editor's note: Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine offered the following remarks to delegates of the Indiana State Republican Party at its nominating convention Saturday.

I have the honor of coming before you today to place the name of Tera Klutz into nomination as our party's candidate for auditor of the State of Indiana.

Every election year, every voter shares a hope. They hope for a candidate who brings something special to the race in which they are running and then, ultimately, to the office they seek.

As we have known in Allen County for years now, and as Hoosiers everywhere have learned since 2017, Tera Klutz brings something very special to the race for auditor. As the former auditor of Allen County and now as our state's first-ever certified public accountant to serve as state auditor, she is someone who brings extraordinary talent to the table and asks only, “Where can I best serve the people of Indiana?”

Tera epitomizes state-of-the-art governing. She brought order to the county budget process. She made sure that the county's books were no farther from taxpayers than the click of a mouse. Her lasting legacy has been to forever close the gap between government and the people.

It's no exaggeration to say Tera Klutz set the gold standard for adding competence – and confidence – to local government. In fact, in one particular instance, while working as chief deputy auditor of Allen County, long before becoming state auditor, Tera's laser-sharp focus on the county's financial records resulted in finding an error committed by another agency which, when reconciled, put $6 million back into the pockets of Allen County homeowners. It helps to have a CPA's eyes on the books!

Now, she's using the skills she honed in Allen County at our state's capital, where she has already established the first Internal Controls Department within the Office of Auditor of State, and she's getting ready to roll out improvements to Indiana's Transparency Portal to give taxpayers even more information about where their tax money goes.

She truly is what every voter hopes for: One of us, working for all of us.

Tera represents a level of capability, quality and qualification that the Democrats just can't touch. She is what happens when a party decides to send only its best and brightest into the fight for the future of the state of Indiana.

Therefore, it is my honor and privilege to nominate Tera Klutz of Allen County as our party's nominee for auditor of the State of Indiana.