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  • Shilts

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 1:00 am

Has he no decency?

Trump separation policy un-American, inhuman

Perry Shilts

Perry Shilts is a Fort Wayne attorney.

This old white man cannot believe how low President Donald Trump can go!

Let's all agree on a universal truth: No adult should intentionally hurt a child, either physically or mentally. This truth is why child abusers and molesters are viewed as horrendous.

Yet, our Trump is implementing a policy where young children are taken from their parents for two specific reasons.

First, to punish those parents for trying to seek relief from horrible circumstances in their lives. And second, to send a message to other similar parents that if they should try to cross into this country, their children will be seized from them also.

Why would anyone intentionally hurt children in such a heinous manner? The concept of harming children to send a message to their parents to behave better is as un-American as genocide.

Child psychologists can easily identify the many emotional injuries these children will suffer by being taken from their parents by force, but common sense tells all of us that the harm to these children will be significant and lifelong.

Trump's policy of separating children from their parents was implemented in early May because he was upset that attempted “immigrant crossings” increased in April.

Before you think this is another partisan slam at Republicans, think again. Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush sponsored immigration reform in 1986 and 1990.

The separation of children at our borders is not currently supported by former President George W. Bush, former Republican presidential nominees Sen. John McCain and Mitt Romney, or any of the other candidates for the Republican nomination in 2016.

This is one man misusing the power of the presidency in a manner never exerted before in this country.

I have previously criticized Trump's mistreatment of upward of 1 million immigrants, including the Dreamers and our invited guests under Temporary Protected Status.

Now, with Trump's decision to intentionally harm children to scare their parents, to score points with some “base” or to garner a bargaining chip for later negotiations, he has reached a new low.

There is a growing national condemnation for Trump's seizure/separation-of-children policy. I am sending a note to our senators and area representative in hopes that they will decry this awful policy.

Unfortunately, Republican lawmakers are afraid of Trump's base of support, so they remain silent as he authorizes the wholly un-American mistreatment of children.

Our outcry is not about sanctioning illegal immigrants entering this country. This is about preventing one man from causing harm to any child, let alone hundreds and possibly thousands.

If you believe this abuse of children is a necessary step to protect your “white” America, be honest and admit that illegal immigrants have never affected your life.

Neither you, your family members nor your friends have ever lost a job or a dollar or a forkful of food because of an illegal immigrant.

A real estate charlatan is appealing to your base instincts and encouraging you to blame a targeted group whose lot in life has been far, far worse than yours.

Jobs have left this country because of automation and the corporate search for profits. Illegal immigrants did not cause your life to be less than you hoped. Supporting a policy initiated by one man to harm the innocent children of immigrants attempting to enter this country is wrong, un-American, abhorrent to all religious beliefs and must be denounced.

Tell your representatives that your support for them will increase if they have the courage to stand up to Trump and his mistreatment of innocent children.