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Wednesday, March 07, 2018 1:00 am

New library books

The following science fiction and fantasy books are new at the Little Turtle branch of the Allen County Public Library.


“Kings of the Wyld (The Band)” by Nicholas Eames

A retired group of legendary warriors must get the band back together for one last seemingly impossible mission in this rousing debut.


“Hunger Makes the Wolf” by Alex Wells

The strange planet known as Tanegawa's World is owned by Trans-Rifts Inc., the company with the absolute monopoly on interstellar travel. Hob landed there 10 years ago, a penniless orphan left behind by a rift ship: company towns, union busting, alien life.


“Autonomous”by Annalee Newitz

Earth, 2144: Jack is an anti-patent scientist turned drug pirate, traversing the world in a submarine as a pharmaceutical Robin Hood, fabricating cheap scrips for poor people who can't otherwise afford them. 


“Stone Sky” by N.K. Jemisin

The shattering conclusion to the post-apocalyptic and highly acclaimed New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with “The Fifth Season” (winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2016) and “The Obelisk Gate” (winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2017).


“Raptor and the Wren” by Chuck Wendig

In the fifth book of the “wildly entertaining” (Kirkus Reviews) Miriam Black series, Miriam continues her journey to find answers on how to change her fate and begin to make right some of what she's done wrong. Not for the fainthearted.