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  • Associated Press Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura shows off his slimmed-down physique in a visit to the Statehouse in Minneapolis this month.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 1:00 am

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'The Body' politic: In shape for 2020

Long before reality-TV star Donald Trump was elected president, Minnesota voters flipped over a pro wrestler named Jesse “The Body” Ventura, electing him governor in 1999.

Ventura served just one term and did not seek re-election, but he was back at the Minnesota Statehouse Nov. 13 to offer some advice to Congressman Tim Walz, who was elected governor on Nov. 6. Walz, a Democrat, sought advice from the five governors who preceded him, including Republicans Arne Carlson and Tim Pawlenty.

Ventura had a nearly one-hour private meeting with the governor-elect, according to Minnesota Public Radio, pushing Walz to work for full legalization of marijuana.

“We're just plain missing the boat. Minnesota has never been like that. Minnesota has always been a leader. But in the case of cannabis we've become a follower,” Ventura said after the meeting. “And I think the new governor-elect is going to change that.”

The former World Wrestling Foundation performer even has a plan for the tax money raised by marijuana sales.

“How does it sound? Pot for potholes,” he told the radio station.

Ventura also hinted at his own political future, unzipping his snowmobile jacket to show off a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt and his lean physique.

“You have got to get in shape – either for Wrestlemania or, you know, 2020. I get in shape for a reason. What would happen in 2020 if Jesse Ventura were the candidate of the Green Party?”