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  • Nancarrow

Monday, October 22, 2018 1:00 am

Nancarrow for clerk


Three countywide office-holders are unopposed on Nov. 6. Prosecutor Karen Richards is seeking a fifth term, Recorder Anita Mather is seeking her second term, and Auditor Nicholas Jordan is seeking his first full term.

Allen County voters have two choices in the contest for Circuit Court clerk, but Democrat Danielle N. Anderson is not an active candidate. Fortunately, Republican Christopher (Chris) Nancarrow is exceptionally well qualified.

Nancarrow, the chief deputy clerk, would be the first attorney in the position. Responsibilities include scheduling and handling of documents and records, as well as processing more than $34 million in financial transactions. The clerk also is a member of the county Election Board.

Nancarrow attended Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis while also a full-time clerk for the Indiana Court of Appeals. 

The value of his legal background proved especially valuable in June 2014, when the same-sex marriage ruling was handed down by the U.S. District Court judge for the Southern District of Indiana.

“Everyone was asking, 'What's going on?'” Nancarrow recalled.

“I was able to pull it up on my (court management) account for federal cases and actually read the opinion and printed out 30-some pages. I read it and showed it to (Clerk Lisbeth Borgmann) and told her the opinion was clear.”

With a quick confirmation by the county attorney, the clerk's office was issuing same-sex marriage licenses that very day.

Nancarrow said electronic filing has reduced the face-to-face interactions the 55-member staff has with the public and the legal community, but he continues to emphasize customer service as a priority.

Nancarrow noted the conversion of court records raises privacy and security issues. He will be an advocate for efforts to safeguard the system.

We endorse Chris Nancarrow.