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Saturday, August 12, 2017 1:00 am

Facebook comments

Readers respond to the online version of the Frank Gray column, “Dangerous walk to school attracts city's attention.”

Selected responses, as posted

Sue A. Hatfield: It kills me how many people bought houses, and continue to buy houses that don't have sidewalks, then complain and expect everyone else to pay for their sidewalks. What short sightedness.

Danielle Rush: Part of the reason public schools have less money is because of the property tax cap. Part of the reason is also because funding is now per pupil (has been for 6 years) and many districts lost money when the state did that.

Thomas Israel: The fact that every street in this city doesn't have a sidewalk is piss poor planning on the part of the city and the developers.

Hailey Benedict: Agreed. I have several clients who have moved here from other states, and one of the first things they mention, when asked how they like it here, is: “Why don't you have sidewalks?”

Karen Lambert Schatko: The city wants to raise my taxes to develop a section of our smelly river, so people can go there to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. The city wants to spend huge dollars to take a curve out of State. They spent huge dollars buying all those houses, and now the empty ground sits there, still curved. I wonder how much it would take, to reroute those monies for busing, so our children would be safe.

Lori Fry Boyer Dove: there should be sidewalks leading to ALL schools.... Wayne High School is a prime example... kids have to walk in the road when it is snowy because the berms aren't plowed or are slushy from snow being plowed into them...

Paul Griner: What the city should do is outside of the central city district is close sidewalks on one side of the street when they become hazardous or in need of repair and take monies allocated to replace sidewalks and only replace east and south sidewalks or vice versa, and with the monies funded to replace west north walks use this to add needed sidewalks in areas that lack them. If we can close roads and eliminate lanes to accommodate bicycles we can surely close sidewalks to accommodate needed infrastructure to make safety of our children a paramount concern.

Denise Helberg Snider: Kids aren't the only residents who need sidewalks. Funny how it's only a plea for the safety of the little angels that gets through; other people who get around on foot or scooter or wheelchair can drop dead. Anyway, all the sidewalks in the world won't help unless residents and businesses are required to keep them clear. We have an ordinance for this, but no enforcement whatsoever.

Benny June: I know, I know......Let's build more roundabouts everywhere and more white elephants downtown. That'll solve everything. To hell with the safety of school children. No sidewalks for them. Let them eat cake.