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Saturday, July 15, 2017 1:00 am

Facebook comments

Readers react to the online version of the Frank Gray column, “Sports & Spirits bar site to become green space.”

Selected responses, as posted

Jacquelyn Hatch: I believe it used to be a grocery/ pharmacy a hundred or so years ago. Too bad they want to tear it down. Another part of ft. Wayne history going down.

Steve Tiny Michaels: I know it's been a rat hole for the past several years, but it's been a bar for well over a hundred. Isn't there some way to save a hundred plus year old business? Or did they already pull the license?

Kaleb Mccague: After multiple shootings, stabbing, and just bad behavior, the license was revoked and the owners gave up on it. It brought nothing but harm to the neighborhood.

Gregg Schmitz: So long Vanishing Point, Sports and Spirits, and another place I worked and spent many times on both sides of the bar.

John S. Dellinger: So just another vacant lot that is covered in trash and gets mowed every six weeks?

Maggie Dye: because a bar where people get shot and stabbed is better? or an empty building for squatters to trash? ok then....

Mike Hunsche: Deister will make it a green area, I suspect something like a small park. And they'll take care of it. They have the money, and more importantly the sense of community to make sure it's not an eyesore

Dave Chester Walters: Deister has full time grounds crew. It will be up kept

Steve Trier: Our family has known the Deisters for three generations. Giving to the community has always been a part of their creed. Do for others. Outstanding.

Kim Stopher-Anderson: I like the idea of green space. I prefer that to a unkept building with graffiti. Glad they stepped up & bought the property.

James Prickett: So long, Hartman's Place.

Keith Roman: I think the amount of “green” passing through there was why there were problems in the first place. . . :-D

Kristine Snyder: Good riddance. Should be a memorial erected for all the crime victims at that place.

Carmella Clinton: They will probably throw up a liquor store or another gas station eventually.

Bill Gillenwater: played music there with Paul Schmucker in 1975

Matt Reibs: Just what we need...another vacant lot...

Mark Deprey: It won't be long The college will use it

Karen Lambert Schatko: There goes Rays...