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Friday, May 19, 2017 1:00 am

Facebook responses

Readers respond to the online story “Homestead to drop valedictorians.”


Selected responses

(as posted)


Jessica Michalski: So if my daughter had attended nwacs and graduated next year instead of this year from Northrop, she would have received summa cum laude for her GPA. Which places her 7th in her class. Don't knock these kids. They get high GPAs, work, do multiple after school activities. Nothing wrong with recognizing their hard work. Especially when tenths of points or less separate GPAs.


Katie Jo: I believe this is a great thing! I've seen so many kids make themselves physically and mentally ill by constantly checking grades and stressing themselves over a B on a paper or test.

This isn't about being a snowflake or participation trophies. Not everyone will be able to graduate with these credentials – they still have to be earned. Personally, I see it as an opportunity to help kids realize that their knowledge and contribution is so much more than a 4.0 GPA.

Norma D'Angelo: one high school near South Bend named 4 valedictorians and 4 salutatorians for this graduating class. Better to have cum laude system.


Cheyenne Howard: Why try to be the best. Let's just settle for second, third,fourth,fifth,etc.


Lisa Powell-Sabinske: Yes! And I've had Val and Sal kids. At that level no way is one the top student.


Arthur Sido: Another step down the path of a participation ribbon society.


James Gater: It doesn't sound like that's the case at all.


Hidi Gaff: I'm actually impressed with this change SACS is making, beginning with my oldest child's graduating class. No longer will students work themselves sick for the *one* spot they can earn, avoid taking a more rigorous class load for fear of an A-/B+, or give up the pursuit of a high GPA if they struggle with a class or two their freshman year. I fully welcome Homestead awarding high schoolers the distinctions they will earn in college.


John Shady: So, you're saying that instead hard work to achieve excellence all they need to do is try hard enough to meet a minimum standard? We called them the 70%ers in the Army. Just do enough to get by instead of exceeding the standard and striving for excellence. We are creating a whole generation of those just doing enough to get by...


Christian Skordo: “Every generation after mine is lazy and entitled!”