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Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:30 pm

Siberian tiger that terrified Vladivostok gets new wild home

Associated Press


MOSCOW – A Siberian tiger that terrorized Russia's Far East city of Vladivostok by prowling its suburbs has been relocated to a vast, wild Russian national park where officials hope he will thrive.

The tiger, nicknamed Vladik, was captured last October on the edge of Vladivostok. He was helicoptered Monday to Bikin National Park, 350 miles further north.

Russia has declared Siberian, or Amur, tigers a protected species. Only about 54 are estimated to live in the wild.

World Wildlife Fund video shows the tiger appearing initially bewildered when his cage was opened. But he then leapt out with a growl, ran around the space where the helicopter landed and disappeared into the woods.

Pavel Fomenko of WWF says Vladik "has little chance of wandering into urban jungles again."