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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 1:00 am


Bezos texts said leaked by mistress' brother

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WASHINGTON – Private investigators working for Jeff Bezos have concluded that the brother of the Amazon CEO's mistress leaked the couple's intimate text messages to the National Enquirer, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Monday.

The person wasn't authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to AP on condition of anonymity.

The findings add to the intrigue surrounding the clash between the pro-Trump tabloid and the world's richest man. Bezos' investigators have suggested the Enquirer's coverage of his affair was driven by dirty politics. Trump has been highly critical of Bezos over his ownership of the Washington Post and Amazon, and the Post's coverage of the White House.

The brother, Michael Sanchez, is a supporter of President Donald Trump and an acquaintance of Trump allies Roger Stone and Carter Page. He is also the manager of his sister, Lauren Sanchez, a former TV anchor. 

Michael Sanchez did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on Monday.

Cohen calls off Senate testimony

Michael Cohen will not testify as expected today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, his lawyer said – marking yet another delay in lawmakers' bid to question President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer about a range of potentially unflattering topics to the commander in chief.

Lanny Davis, one of Cohen's lawyers, cited a recent shoulder surgery as the reason Cohen would have to cancel the appearance.

At various points, Cohen was to testify before three congressional committees about his work for Trump. But in each instance, his scheduled appearance was canceled or postponed.

Nominee sorry for writings on rape

Neomi Rao, President Trump's nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, apologized Monday for her controversial writings from college about date-rape victims, which had come under scrutiny from at least one GOP senator.

In a letter Monday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Rao condemned “sexual assault in all forms” as “abhorrent” and stressed that she “particularly regret(s) the insensitivity demonstrated in my remarks on rape and sexual assault.”

She said that in college, she was “sheltered” and that her perspective on the issue evolved as she grew more mature and became a mother to two children.

Study: Trump most confident

A study finds that Donald Trump talks less analytically and more confidently than all past U.S. presidents.

Psychologists at the University of Texas and Princeton University used a computer language program to study 3 million texts dating to 1789, using speeches by leaders in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, along with general stories in books and newspapers, movie subtitles and cable news transcripts.

Trump's speeches, debates and documents scored the highest among presidents on a scale that tries to measure confidence in language, more than twice that of low man William Henry Harrison. He ranks last in speaking analytically, scoring less than half of leader John Quincy Adams and substantially below recent presidents such as George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The study is in Monday's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.