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Friday, August 11, 2017 3:50 pm

A fine way to get students to school on time


It may be hard to get teenagers out of bed in the morning, but Concordia Lutheran High School officials think they've found an incentive.

Be late to the start of morning classes more than five times in a semester and pay a $5 fine -- plus sit through after-school detention.

Be late in the morning eight times in the same semester -- and spend $30 and three hours in a teacher-supervised Saturday School where they're expected to do homework.

"We want students here at the start of the school day," Principal Patrick Frerking said Friday. "We want them in class and ready to roll at 8 a.m." 

School officials said they expect the policy to rarely come into play -- and added they were a bit taken aback by reactions to the change announced earlier this week amid other changes in the way the school day will be structured at the 760-student private secondary school on Fort Wayne's north side.

Parents and alumni by the dozens have taken to Facebook and other sites online to comment on the change since a Back-to-School orientation open house Thursday night. Frerking said "only a couple" of parents approached him at those events.

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