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The Journal Gazette

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 6:40 pm

Teen shot in the rear

The Journal Gazette

When Fort Wayne police responded to calls about shots being fired and someone being shot in the area of Taylor and Thompson on Sunday night, at first they couldn’t find anything.

According to a police report, one of the officers was in the area of Thompson when he heard what he said sounded like 20 to 30 gunshots fired in rapid fire. Officers found 15 shell casings in the 1400 block of Thompson from two guns.

A van window had been shot out and a pickup truck had bullet holes in the tailgate, the report said. While looking for a victim, police say they saw six to eight teenagers walking down Leland Street. When the officer approached them, several of them ran away. The others started yelling to the officer to help their friend who had been shot.  

According to the report, police said they saw the teen had blood on his pants and a gunshot wound to his left buttock. The teen was taken to the hospital in serious condition. When the officer questioned the remaining teens about what had happened, they were not able to tell him where the shooting had occurred or who had shot the teen.