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  • Left: Hope; Right: Guy

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 12:10 pm

Suspects arrested in liquor store robbery

The Journal Gazette

Two men are under arrest after an early morning pursuit Tuesday.

Around 4 a.m., Fort Wayne Police were told by dispatchers there had been a 'smash and grab' at a liquor store in New Haven, a police report said.

When officers positioned themselves at the most likely route from New Haven to Fort Wayne, dispatch told them an alarm had gone off at Belmont Beverage, 2799 Maplecrest Road, as well, indicating a glass break.

Not long after that an officer tried to pull over a white van that was speeding near Moeller and Adams Center roads. The traffic stop turned into a pursuit going through a trailer park on Moeller Road.

When the van left the trailer park, officers deployed stop sticks that flattened the tires on the van as it continued into Fort Wayne.

Officers arrested Edward James Hope, 53, and Damion Lamar Guy, 41, both from Fort Wayne.

When officers searched the van, they found two tote bags filled with bottles of alcohol the report said, including several bottles of Patron, Remy Martin and Johnny Walker Black Label, that officers were able to confirm were items taken from the New Haven liquor store.

Both Hope and Guy were charged with burglary, vehicle theft and resisting arrest.