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Thursday, March 14, 2019 9:30 am

Ohio community seeks to repair headstones damaged by ice jams

Associated Press

MAUMEE, Ohio -- City officials in Ohio say it will likely take months to repair more than 700 cemetery headstones that were damaged by massive ice jams.

The Blade in Toledo reported Maumee Public Service Director Joe Camp is planning to seek Maumee City Council approval to appropriate $12,000 for equipment and supplies for Riverside Cemetery.

The money would be used for a mini excavator, putty to re-attach the headstones and lifting equipment.

Large chunks of ice from the nearby Maumee River damaged the headstones in February. Camp said several headstones are still frozen to the ground, and one-fourth of the cemetery is under ice.

City Mayor Richard Carr said he believe the council will approve the measure at a March 18 meeting.

Camp says "it's the right thing to do."