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Sunday, February 11, 2018 12:30 pm

Alliance hopes public chips in to restore old weigh station

Associated Press


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Police Alliance is hoping the public chips in for a project to restore Indiana's last remaining original weigh station.

The alliance has already landed a grant from the Indiana Historical Society to spruce up the tiny clapboard building. But it hopes a GoFundMe page can collect another $2,500 needed for roof repairs, installing new doors and windows, and other work.

The building dates to the 1950s and is located on the Indiana State Police Museum's property on Indianapolis' east side.

It's the last of the Indiana State Police's original roadside weigh stations, which were manned by civilian officers called Weighmasters who enforced federal and state laws governing large vehicles such as trucks and buses.

The original stations were closed in the 1990s and replaced with new buildings.