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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, May 18, 2017 4:20 pm

FBI raids offices of Muncie Sanitary District


MUNCIE, Ind. – FBI agents and state police investigators raided offices belonging to the Muncie Sanitary District on Thursday, less than 4½ months after federal raids targeted the eastern Indiana city's building commissioner.

Investigators conducted the raid at the Sanitary District's Engineering Office on Thursday morning, The Star Press reported.

"I can confirm there is investigative activity in the area, but I can't disclose the nature of that activity," FBI spokeswoman Chris Bavender said.

Mayor Dennis Tyler said in a statement that the city is fully cooperating with the investigation but hasn't been told the reason for it yet.

Sanitary District attorney Tom Malapit said he was unaware of any arrests in connection with the raid.

The Sanitary District was created in the 1960s to handle Muncie's storm and sanitary sewers. Sanitary district officials have previously denied being under FBI investigation. On May 14, 2016, the district tweeted: "The Muncie Sanitary District is not part of the FBI investigation recently reported on." The message was subsequently deleted.

FBI agents in January searched the city hall office and home of Muncie Building Commissioner Craig Nichols. He was indicted the following month on federal charges of wire fraud, theft, and money laundering.


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