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Sunday, June 24, 2018 1:00 am

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They are hands on, skilled and typically passionate about their work.

They are the ones who get things done, sometimes things that we don't even realize need to get done.

They are crucial personnel, the often unsung, sometimes behind-the-scenes workers who keep everything running smoothly.

This year's Health & Education sections are filled with more than a dozen of their stories.

In the health field, one helps patients recover after traumatic brain injuries, such as stroke or gunshot wound. Another takes pride in a job in environment services, cleaning rooms and bathrooms while spreading her cheer among staff and patients.

In the education field, two of those profiled work in student service areas – helping at-risk students succeed or intervening when they encounter problems.

One man is known as “the key guy,” although his responsibilities are much greater than ensuring people have access to buildings.

As you read their stories, you will likely think about those in your own work environments – regardless of the field – who make your job easier, or perhaps what you could do to make a colleague's job easier.