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The Journal Gazette

Friday, March 15, 2019 12:10 pm

Commissioners OK second increase for work release facility


The cost of refurbishing the former state juvenile correctional facility to house adults in the county's work-release program has gone up – again.

The Allen County commissioners this morning approved $23,138 in cost increases for the facility at 7117 Venture Lane. It's the second increase approved this month.

Chris Cloud, executive assistant to the commissioners, said much of the increase represents fixing what was found when plumbing issues were found as part of the recently approved work.

Existing duct work conditions – holes, patches and missing seals – had to be replaced. And, leaks and a deficient drain and wall conditions in the laundry area were fixed, he said.

The additional expenses will leave about $104,000 in a contingency fund, Cloud said. The cost of the project has risen from about $3.97 million to $4.06 million.